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Persona Profile: Runnfreya

Writer: Paula (ONPC)

Name: Runnfreya
Age: 33
Birthday: m1 d25
Rank: Holder's Wife
Location: Citrus Bay Hold
Job: Holder's Wife

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (July 2016)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (March 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Runnfreya is of average height, with a body of ample curves. She’s got long, black hair, lightly bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Her eyes can either look very warm and kind or veiled and languid. She’s beautiful and sexy. In public, her dresses are flashy and low-cut but well made and she wears too much jewelry. The result is mixture of elegance and vulgarity. At home, she prefers simple garments. She has that indescribable something that make men lust after her.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Runnfreya is complex woman, kind and warmhearted but also ruthlessly pragmatic. She’s never been able to forget who she is and where she comes from: a lowly drudge’s bastard. She’s quick witted and fierce. She acts flirty, teasing and provocative around men, enjoying the feeling of power she has over them. Deep down all she wants is security and love, which Raghad provides (in addition of pretty jewelry and education). Despite her provocative acts, she’s loyal to her husband and never been with anyone else. She’s aware of her bad reputation and rumours about her. While they hurt her, she does also get malicious pleasure by acting vulgar and shocking all those snobby ladies. She also enjoys telling tales, her stories are to be taken with grain of salt. Lying is easy for her. Her moral compass tends to be rather vague. She often acts as ears and eyes for her husband. And do leave her children alone.

History of Persona:
Runnfreya was born to a half-wit drudge in Jade Harbor hold. Her mother Fridda was easy to take advantage of and her sires identity is uncertain. There was more than one possible candidate, including Lord Holder's relative. Runnfreya's childhood was typical for someone with her background; not easy. She received only basic harper lessons and skipped most of them too. She was put to work for her living from a young age. She grew up to be a beautiful young woman and soon discovered what power her looks had on men. She caught the eye of Raghad, a rich Holder. He was a widower looking for someone to sweeten his twilight years.

He practically bought Runnfreya. They got married and year later Runnfreya's son was born. Raghad’s family was not very happy with it, especially since Raghad seemed to be smitten with his young, beautiful wife and proud of the baby son. Four turn later Runnfreya gave birth to a daughter. Turns passed by and since Raghad was unable, due to his age, the pair adopted their youngest daughter, Rayvea, after refugees arrived at Citrus Bay from the hurricane that devastated the Sunstone territory.

Family and Friends
Raghad, 84, Minor Holder, Citrus Bay Hold (Husband)
Fridda, 55, Drudge (Mother)
Hadrid, 16, Resident (Son)
Runha, 13, Resident (Daughter)
Rayvea, 2, Resident (Adopted Daughter)

Approved: November 21st 2015
Last updated: December 22nd 2017

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