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Persona Profile: Raghad

Writer: Paula

Name: Raghad
Age: 84
Birthday: m11 d17
Rank: Minor Holder
Location: Citrus Bay Hold
Job: Holder

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (July 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Raghad was once tall and strong man, now age has made him drooped and given him stiff joints. He's suffering from various ailments age has brought with although none of them is life threatening. His hearing is impaired and he can't see as well as he used to. His thick hair's all white now, although Raghad is proud of the fact that it's all still there. His eyes are still piercing and blue. His face is heavily lined and after spending most of his life outdoors, his skin is brown and weathered to a hide like toughness. He has rough workmans hands with touch of a osteoarthritis.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Raghad has always been steady nerved, canny businessman with an ability to make marks come to him. He's got sharp mind, he's observant and knows what motivates people. His greatest ability is to plan and think in the long term and patience. He does not show his emotions easily. Some people think he's good-natured and they are wrong: why get angry when you can get even, usually when they don't expect it? Taking their marks is more effective than any form of violence or threats. Raghad used to hard work and hardships and appreciates the comfortable life he currently has. He hates being old, adores his much younger wife and enjoys teaching the younger generations. He often pretends to be senile, although that doesn't fool his family, they know he is as sly as ever. He's aware that some of his sons are just waiting him to die so they can inherit the Hold.

History of Persona:
Raghad was born to a trader caravan, to a family who had been traders and nomads for countless generations. He was a third son. He learned the family's trading craft like all children of the caravan did: by observing and assisting their parents. When he reached manhood, he married a girl from one of the cotholds their caravan regularly visited. Her name was Anrie. They were happy together and Anrie gave him five children (three of them are still alive and well). Raghad was in his thirties when the Plagues arrived. The Plague destroyed the Clan. Anrie died and survivors were dispersed. Some joined other caravans, other settled down to some Hold. Raghad struck out on his own, starting his own trade. Five turns later he married with Vevina. She hated the trader's travelling lifestyle, so eventually they settled down to live in what is now Sunstone Seahold. He also met certain ambitious young man whose ideas and visions of Sunstone he liked. Over the next decades, Raghad made a fortune. He and Vevina had six children together. At some point he visited Citrus Bay Hold and fell in love with it. The hold was going belly up, the Holder indebted up to his ears buth Raghad saw what a great place it could be. With some clever deals, Raghad was able to collect the debts and buy out the previous Holder and his family. He became the Holder of Citrus Bay Hold and started reviving the Hold and it's business. Unfortunately, Vevina never saw Citrus Bay Hold to grow and flourish. She died of kidney infection before their new home was finished. Raghad dedicated his time, energy (and marks, which annoyed his children) to rebuilding the Hold. Five turns later he was ready to re-marry. From Jade Harbour Hold he found Runnfreya, a drudge's daughter with voluptuous body, dark smoldering eyes and quick wits. He saw potential in her, for she was barely literate, vulgar and uneducated. He was however very smitten with her, even more when she gave him a son and four turns later a daughter. Raghad enjoyed teaching her and molding her. As long as they've been married, there's been rumours about her fidelity, but Raghad knows the truth: she's his. Around same time when he married, he also acquired a ward, a baby girl with name Morianna. She was called Torianna to protect her father's identity.
When Sunstone Seahold was confirmed as Major Hold, Raghad celebrated, he had heavily invested to the Hold's future and now it was starting to bore fruit. When the first Lord Holder died, he grieved, for they had been allies and friends.

Family and Friends
Runnfreya, 33, Holder's Wife, Citrus Bay Hold (Wife)
Torianna, 18, Hold Resident, Citrus Bay Hold (Fosterling)
Runnfreya, 33, Holder's Wife, Citrus Bay Hold (Wife)
Hadrid, 16, Resident (son)
Runha, 13, Resident (daughter)
Morianna/Torianna, 18, Fosterling (foster child )


Wind Watcher, Blue Firelizard: aged 62, hatched m10 d10
Wind Watcher is rather large sized firelizard with dark blue hide. He's also know with names: Wind, Spy and "That bloody flit". It's hard to believe he's as old as he is, he's full of vigor, playfulness and mischief. He's fairly reliable messenger and Raghad has trained him to spy for him. He's good at hiding in the shadows and sending images to his human.

Approved: November 2nd 2015
Last updated: November 23rd 2015

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