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Persona Profile: Olov

Writer: Yvonne (ONPC)

Name: Olov
Age: 54
Birthday: m6 d26
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Physical Description of Persona:
Olov is huge. He towers over a head above the vast majority of other men, and he's strong-- he has wide shoulders, burly arms, and legs like tree trunks. He has a thick, bushy black beard and black hair shot with grey and just enough of a curl to it to make it look tangled. His eyes are dark beneath bushy eyebrows. His body is covered in scars from living Holdless for so long.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Appearances can be deceiving. Olov is surprisingly smart, which is why he lasted Holdless as long as he did. He works carefully, analytically, and plans in advance. He used to be angry over his lot in life, but that hot anger has turned instead into a calculated bitterness. He also has a temper, although it's difficult to rouse. Once he's angry, though, people can (and have) died. Sometimes he even regrets it afterwards.

History of Persona:
Olov was born at a small Seaholding between Vista Point Weyr and what is now Sunstone Seahold. The Plague swept through soon after he was born and wiped out nearly everyone in the Seahold. Olov was orphaned and raised by the larger cot the best they could, although he was generally left to his own devices. Seaholds can be hard places, and there were few who had much time for problems beyond their own. He was nobody's son, and that lack of attachment to the rest of the seahold led him to petty thefts and general rebelliousness. When he was eighteen, Olov and one of the other cotholders were drinking and got into a fight. Olov snapped and ended up strangling the other man with his bare hands. Terrified by what he'd done, he stole a boat and ran.

This was the start of a decades-long life as a criminal. His size made him intimidating; his smarts made him dangerous. Now he's been offered the opportunity to put a roof over his head, but Olov isn't sure how well a domesticated lifestyle will suit him after living at the edges for so long.

He's currently going by the name Polson.

Approved: June 14th 2015
Last updated: June 12th 2015

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