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Persona Profile: L'ger

Writer: Emma

Name: L'ger
Age: 23
Birthday: m4 d23
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Baker
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Breads

Physical Description of Persona:
Around the 5'10" mark, Helcoger has brown hair that he keeps fairly short. Somehow he manages a light tan most of the turn around. Light brown eyes that almost match his hair usually seem to smile, revealing nice even teeth.

He's reasonably well muscled, baking, especially breads demand a level of upper body strength when it comes to kneeding batches designed to feed hungry dragonriders. Although he has a few scars and scratches on his hands from a habit of sticking his hands straight into the ovens to check when things are ready.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Deep down, he's a good guy. Even if he's provoked, he rarely loses his temper, having learned that staying calm and steady helps when producing the perfect breads and cakes. He does have a sense of humour, but you have to know him well to see it come out.

The temper, well if he does lose it, he tries to save it for something worthwhile, like the time he caught someone trying to bully his baby brother.

History of Persona:
Born 20 turns ago at what was then Dragonsfall Weyrhold, Helcoger's father was a Master baker, and his mother a creche worker. They came together as a result of letting a gold flit flight (his mother owned the gold) get a little more intense than they intended. But it soon became clear that they belonged together.

Around a turn and a half later, Helcoger was born. He was an even tempered child with a sunny smile, becoming a favourite in the creche and harper classes in pretty short order. He didn't really excel in anything, until the time came for him to decide on a craft. He chose to follow his father in the Bakercraft.

Shortly after he began his apprenticeship, his mother announced that after a long wait there was going to be an addition to the family, a much wanted second baby making his appearance after turns of trying. Sadly, the one thing that marred that event was Helcoger's mother's death in childbirth. Geris has been a little spolied as a result, and sometimes a target for the bigger boys to pick on.

Helcoger has since accepted candidacy, at first he wanted to concentrate on emulating his father, once he realise he was good at baking. But with a little encouragement over the last turn or so, he's taken his place on the sands.

Family and Friends
Helois, 52, Creche worker (Mother (deceased))
Cogerin, 56, Master Baker (Father)
Geris, 10, Brat (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Sondrath
Dragon's Age: 3
Dragon's Colour: Brown

Approved: December 3rd 2013
Last updated: May 28th 2015

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