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Persona Profile: Vell


Name: Vell
Age: 21
Birthday: m1 d26
Rank: Holdless
Location: Elsewhere on Pern

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Physical Description of Persona:
Vellince (more commonly Vell) is tall for a woman, with long red-brown hair she usually pins up in a braid thicker than her wrist, light brown eyes and freckles. There is a small gap between her two front teeth and scarring on her knees and left elbow from falling out of a tree as a child. She has a rather boyish figure, although she moves gracefully.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Stubborn, opinionated, and rather proud, Vell can be a force to be reckoned with when she feels she’s right. She’ll also put her marks where her mouth is, and often won’t back out of a position even if she’s been proven wrong. That said, she’s patient and kind, willing to help those in need and to teach those that express an interest in learning. She’s also rather bold and adventuresome, and is tough to frighten—a great asset in a family as large as hers. She’s the first to climb to the top of a tree or jump into an unknown pool. She loves to hunt the feral livestock roaming the forests around her family's lands, which is a rather unusual hobby for a woman—and one that most of her family is quite embarrassed about.

History of Persona:
Vell is the youngest daughter of the Holder of Stony Field Beasthold, a wealthy minor Holding in Opal Cove territory. The Beasthold is known for its fine wool, and Vell's family have been Holders there for as long as records have been kept. As the third daughter and fourth child, Vell grew up with somewhat less parental oversight than her older sisters and brother, but was never the less taught a Lady’s graces and skills and mastered most of them in anticipation of the day she would marry. She was also indulged—she learned to ride like a man from her father, and when her elder brother Elor outgrew his first bow, he bequeathed it to Vell and taught her how to shoot.

When Vell was sixteen, a young Journeyman Harper came to the Hold on his first assignment. Vell requested flute lessons and she and Harper Yarron became fast friends. As Vell grew older, she and Yarron’s friendship deepend into love. Yarron asked her father for her hand and Holder Eron agreed—a match with an ambitious young Crafter was more than good enough for his youngest daughter. Vell was delighted and she and Yarron were quickly married, with Yarron taking care of all the details.

A few months after they were joined, Yarron travelled back to the Harper Hall to take his Senior Journeyman’s exam with the intention of returning as soon as he had his knots. Almost four months passed without a single letter, and when her father wrote to the Hall on Vell’s behalf he was informed that there was no Harper Yarron. The Hall has said that they’re “looking into the matter” but after several months without any real news, Holder Eron's temper got the better of him. Furious that he may have been tricked by an impostor and with the lack of respect he felt was shown to Vell by the Hall's failure to produce Yarron and resolve the issue, he has declared that Harpers are no longer welcome at Stony Field Beasthold and the marriage between Vell and Yarron never happened. He has begun searching for a suitable candidate to marry his now ruined daughter.

Vell just wants her husband back.

Family and Friends
Eron, 56, Holder (Father)
Gillence, 48, Holder's wife (Mother)
Elor, 26, Understeward (Brother)
Gillina, 24, Wife (Sister)
Narona, 22, Daughter (Sister)

Approved: October 26th 2013
Last updated: September 23rd 2019

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