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Persona Profile: Yriadha

Writer: Miriah


Name: Yriadha
Age: 48
Birthday: m11 d4
Rank: Headwoman
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (March 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (March 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (December 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (August 2014)

Physical Description of Persona:
Yriadha is a tall, spare woman with black, thick straight hair; a single streak of pure white hair laces from her brow in startling contrast. Her waist length hair is kept tightly braided, making her strong facial features appear severe and uncompromising. Dark brown eyes peer over a strong nose and her lips are usually set in a firm line.

Yriadha walks with a ram-rod straight back and her posture is startlingly perfect. Her hands are callused from hard work and though she is thin, she is stronger than she appears.

Emotional Description of Persona:
No nonsense,harsh, proud and unsmiling would describe Yriadha best. She runs Sunstone's halls with a strict, sometimes harsh hand. She is the type of woman that her underlings fear to anger and strive to please; any deviation from proper behavior is met with hard punishment. While not physically abusive to her staff, she remembers everything they enjoy and despise and uses it. Her mind is a steel trap. She forgets little and forgives less. She is however a good headwoman and is dedicated to furthering the bounty of prestige of Sunstone Seahold.

Her loyalty to the Lord Holder is absolute and she brooks no opposition from her staff towards him. She is also focused on her family reputation and status; her focus can lead her to being manipulative and without much conscience when it comes to bettering their positions.

History of Persona:
Yriadha grew up in a smaller cothold near Amber Hills Hold and was known to be a rare beauty. It was that beauty that was cause for an early marriage to an older, more wealthy man. Unfortunately for Yriadha, the man insisted on many children and her beauty faded with the strain of several pregnancies. They moved to Sunstone Seahold shortly after her fifth son was born.

Bitter with her fate, Yriadha grew to despise her husband. When her husband's wealth faltered, it appeared as though her children would be fated to poverty. Her husband, depressed, began to drink; the worse his fortunes became, the worse it was for Yriadha. Eventually, his drinking drove him to his grave. Working frantically in the hold to support her family, she finally appealed to the lord holder for aid.

To her relief, Morin saw her potential and in exchange for her loyalty, promised to help her sons, all strong men, into positions that would assure their future. Yriadha never forgot his assistance and marks herself in his debt and a loyal servant to the Lord Holder.

After Lord Morin's death, she found her self intimately tied to the new Lord, the former Steward, Bryvin. It was a relationship based on her desire for power and one that served both of their interests.

Though she thought she was past child bearing age, she found herself with child from Bryvin. He insisted that she bear the child and promised to eventually acknowledge him, but made it clear that until that time, no one was to know his parentage. Giving birth in secret and returning with her "nephew", Yriadha has plans for her youngest son, Yavin.

Family and Friends
Humari, 19, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (Daughter)
Yarmel, 32, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (Son)
Bryvin, 47, Lord Holder, Sunstone Seahold (Lover)
Bortem, 24, Junior Journeyman Tanner, Sunstone Seahold (Son)
Meltor, 30, Healer (Son)
Riadem, 27, Guard (Son)
Riator, 26, Beastcrafter (Son)
Torinya, 26, None (Daughter)
Yavin, 0, None (Son)

Approved: May 22nd 2013
Last updated: November 29th 2017

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