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Persona Profile: Reyela

Writer: Yvonne

Name: Reyela
Age: 19
Birthday: m2 d28
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Beasthealer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Blonde and tall like her father, Reyela is a fit and muscular young woman with blue eyes and a ready smile. She is pretty in a rough-and-tumble sort of way. Life in the sun has given her a tan all the turn round. She has a scar on her right arm - caused by getting too close to a spit canine as a child.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Reyela is a fairly well rounded young lady, having grown up with her father and grandfather as bronzeriders. She was born at Dream’s End Weyr and moved with her family to River Bluff, which brought her out of herself, knowing she'd need to make new friends and settle in quickly. She was pleased when her father finally found someone and weyrmated to Mai, and she adores having a younger brother.

When disaster struck River Bluff Weyr, Reyela opted to go to Dolphin Cove Weyr with her grandfather K’sedel and continue to try her luck on the Sands. It was also an opportunity to grow closer to the Weyrwoman, Cyradis, who is like an aunt to her. Although dealing with the trauma of the disaster has been difficult, Reyela’s sunny personality and experience with moving have helped her make Dolphin Cove Weyr her new home, although she still finds it easier to deal with beasts over people.

Reyela loved her apprenticeship as a Beasthealer and has a special spot in her heart for runners. She is an excellent rider, a terrible singer, and has a huge sweet tooth.

History of Persona:
Conceived as a result of a green flight, Reyela initially grew up with foster parents and her father as a part of her life. It wasn't that her mother didn't love her, she just wanted to enjoy the freedom of dragonriding. K'reyel was always a little protective of his eldest, even after her younger sister came along as a result of another flight.

Reyela moved with her father to River Bluff Weyr and settled in well as an apprentice Beasthealer in the hopes of one day moving on to dragon healing. She was briefly involved with a young bronzerider there named F’lin, although that relationship soon fizzled. They remain friends.

When disaster struck River Bluff Weyr, she chose to move to Dolphin Cove with her grandfather K’sedel to continue to try her luck at Standing. After so many unsucessful Hatchings, Reyela was surprised to Impress green Brandith from Panitath's Clutch.

Once her weyrlinghood is over, she is determined to study Dragonhealing as her way to contribute to the Weyr.

Family and Friends
K'reyel, 42, Weyrleader, Dragonsfall Weyr (father)
K'sedel, 69, Weyrlingmaster, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Grandfather)
Cyradis, 46, Weyrwoman, Dolphin Cove Weyr ("Auntie")
Kerrana, 12, Weyrbrat (sister)
Mayel, 7, Weyrbrat (half-brother)

Dragon's Name: Brandith
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Brandith is a mottled green with large eyes and a narrow snout. She is friendly, curious and helpful, and she is surprisingly calm for a green dragon.

Brandith hatched from Panitath and Loseth.

Approved: November 15th 2020
Last updated: October 31st 2021

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