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Persona Profile: Karhal

Writer: Miriah


Name: Karhal
Age: 43
Birthday: m8 d16
Rank: Guard Captain
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Face Claim: Neal Mcdonough

Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (June 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (June 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (March 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (August 2013)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (August 2013)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (June 2013)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (March 2013)

Physical Description of Persona:
A tall man at 6'4", Karhal has been gifted with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He keeps fit from regular and intense exersize, maintaining a physique that is imposing from the first glance.

Not strictly handsome, Karhal would best be described as ruggedly attractive, but hardly pretty. He keeps his blonde hair closely cut and his tan is that of a working man, not one who suns for enjoyment. His eyes are pale grey-blue and are intense when something has his attention.

Through his mask of self-control, there is an aura of raw masculinity and sensuality about him that draws attention from those around him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Karhal is a proud man of deep reserve and despite his occasional cynicism and usual bluntness, at heart Karhal is a good, honorable man. His reserve covers a wealth of emotions and passions that run deep but are rarely displayed. He maintains tight control over himself and marks discipline as one of his greatest assets. He does have a dry wit, but most people simply don't catch his sense of humor.

Karhal is quiet, not given to being overly social and takes his job extremely seriously. Rarely has it been heard that he has raised his voice; he doesn't need to. He's one of those men who can intimidate or inspire with merely a look.

He is also intelligent, but not so much from lessons or education, but from common sense and experience. He has an uncanny knack for investigation and finding out any facts he may have need for using observation and a keen intuition.

History of Persona:
Karhal comes from a long line of guards, so it was obvious from childhood what path he would choose. He had a normal, quiet upbringing with traditional minded parents. His three brothers were also raised in the the family tradition, each going to different Holds as they chose their profession.

Karhal was married, but the marriage was not a love match; it was arranged between her family and his own. While he liked his young wife, there was never any deep affection other than friendship between the two; there was a persistent rumor that wife preferred her own gender to men, but Karhal never admitted or spoke about the matter.

Orhla and he never had children, and after ten Turns of marriage, she died of a vicious case of firehead. Karhal has privately grieved the loss of his companion, and turned his intensity to his work.

Karhal has become known for training canines to assist in guard work. He enjoys working with the canines as a hobby, but has gotten requests when whers aren't available. Only recently has he approached Zathris with the idea that his hobby could be of monetary benefit to Amber Hills.

Coming as a complete surprise to the man was the realization that his wife's younger sister had hidden feelings for him since before he and Orhla's marriage. He had liked the younger woman but hadn't realized the depth of her feelings until her own accidental confession. Though hesitant to become involved with another woman at first, he began courting Loella. He quickly discovered that there was something about her that drew him and attracted him like he had not felt in Turns.

Family and Friends
Daimhin, 38, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Friend)
Loella, 28, Hears All Dragons, Amber Hills Hold (Wife)
Orhla, 32, Hold Resident (Wife (deceased))
Karella, 1, Hold brat (Daughter)
Elkar, 0, Hold Brat (Son)


Livie, Canine: aged 6, born m6 d15
Livie is a large black and tan canine, with thick fur, sharply pointed ears, and a long tail. She is Karhal's constant shadow; her large brown eyes follow his every movement.

She is extremely well behaved and trained. She is not affectionate towards people in general, but tolerates them when they interact with her owner.

Approved: August 8th 2012
Last updated: March 27th 2019

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