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Persona Profile: Relik


Name: Relik
Age: 62
Birthday: m1 d16
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Seacraft Hall, River Bluff Weyr
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Deck/Operations

Physical Description of Persona:
Relik stands about 5'4". He's not a tall man, which he credits as making it easier to go through passageways. His skin is wrinkled and ruddy after so much time spent in the wind and sun. He's got a few moles here and there. His eyes, however, are a clear blue. The Master's hair is just starting to turn grey, giving it a salt and pepper look since his original color is black. He keeps it short and combed.

The seacrafter has a round nose that couldn't be called long. His cheeks are a bit paunchy with bags under his eyes. His ears are a bit on the small side, with a mouth that looks like it was cut out of his face. His forehead is beginning to show lines.

In his younger turns, Relik was wiry and strong, able to get around rigging easily. Now, as an older man he is no longer wiry, with a little weight around his middle speaking of a more sedentary life. He is not quite as strong either, though he would never admit it openly.

Emotional Description of Persona:
One word could be applied to the Hallmaster-stubborn. With his turns of experience, he is not afraid to hazard a guess-usually thinking his guess will be right. And when it is not necessarily the best decision, he will push it through by sheer will until it is done. Relik is usually quiet, almost taciturn, until the moment comes when his command is needed. Then he booms forth, quite in charge.

Very traditional, he is steeped in duty and clings to the way things were. He's glad his hall doesn't have any of those new fangled devices and would never consider female apprentices. Misbehavior and stupidity is not tolerated and he has been known to resort to archaic punishment if he thinks it's necessary.

History of Persona:
Born to a pair of seaholders at Topaz Seahold, Relik grew up like any normal lad and began his career in the seacraft as soon as he could apprentice. He was able to see the Southern continent, learn the ropes, and meet plenty of people. His first commission was as Third Mate aboard the Lady Shai.

He was married at thirty turns to a girl that seemed practical. Her parents were harpers and she took some time to adjust to his transient life. They managed four children together before she sadly succumbed to a bout of firehead. Unable to properly care for his children, especially since he was at sea for months on end, he sent them to his wife's sister to foster until they were old enough.

Reaching Master, the southerner was given his own ship. She was the Bay Spirit and he manned the helm for many turns. When he was 45, he remarried. This time it was to a holder girl who was under no illusions regarding her husband. So far they have had 5 children. After a decade of sailing the Bay Spirit, he was needed on land and came back to the Hall to take on the mantle of Hallsecond when a colleague passed on.

Not the most diplomatic, Relik was nonetheless effective and when word came round that the Southern Master wanted to build a new hall, he thought it would be good for him to be able to run his own ship again, so to speak. So old Relik put his name in for consideration.

Family and Friends
Midira, 35, Hall Resident (Wife)


Batten, Runner: aged 7, born m7 d3
Batten is the master's trusty steed for when he wants to go down to the Hold. The runner stands at 13 hands high. His coat is a rich, dark brown and he has a wonderful conformation. His front left leg has a white sock and there's another white spot around his right eye. His mane is black.

Approved: July 2nd 2013
Last updated: May 22nd 2017

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