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Persona Profile: Halah

Writer: Len

Name: Halah
Age: 21
Birthday: m9 d15
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Drudge

Physical Description of Persona:
Halah is small, only standing at 5 feet in height, and dumpy would be a polite way of describing her. She loves food, and it shows. Her hair is a dirty blond and shaggy, as she doesn’t take very good care of it, keeping it long and in her face to hide her away from anyone’s view. For anyone that can see them, her eyes are a dark hazel and look brown to almost anyone. She has a bow lip and a small nose and a round face. Her best feature would be her hands which are elegant, unlike the rest of her. Like her face, her figure is rounded and plump.

Emotional Description of Persona:
As a child, Halah was fun loving and mischievous, but as she became a teen and the weight piled up on her small figure, she has become shy and self conscious. She can be a hard worker...when she’s not sneaking off to the kitchens for a bite to eat. She has a sharp mind and was very good in her harper classes as a child, and still has a beautiful singing voice, but she rarely uses it anymore. She tends to stay in the background and observe the lives of others around her.

History of Persona:
Halah was born at Amber Hills Hold, the child of drudges and the youngest of four girls. Like her parents and her sisters, she works at the Hold as a drudge, most commonly in the position of cleaner. Nothing of any great note has happened in her young life and, as it stands, nothing will. She was one of the more talented children in her harper classes as a child, but her father stopped her education at 12 so she could help the family earn money and he also feels that learning is wasted on girls. Because of this she tends to live in her daydreams, hoping that one day a handsome bronze rider will sweep her away or some other childish thoughts that break up the hum drum life she is stuck in.

Family and Friends
Garah, 57, Drudge (father)
Kalina, 44, Drudge (mother)
Kenare, 27, Wife (sister)
Galina, 24, Drudge (sister)
Dalina, 23, Drudge (sister)

Approved: July 31st 2011
Last updated: September 29th 2011

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