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Persona Profile: Fymer

Writer: Paula

Name: Fymer
Age: 39
Birthday: m9 d6
Rank: Senior Journeyman Harper
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Scribner

Physical Description of Persona:
Fymer is 5'8'' tall and very lean, almost emaciated. His hair is brown and it is already becoming grey, eyes are greyish-blue. His face is narrow and thin, with prominent cheek bones, sharp nose and thin lips. He is always well-groomed, clean-shaved and dresses well, almost daintily.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Fymer has a shrewd, calculating mind which isnít clouded with emotions (most of the time). He is very obsessed with appearances: he wants to appear respectable and decent, he wants people admire and envy him. His manners are faultless. He is vain and ambitious. He has a weakness for gambling. He is skilled forger. He has nearly eidetic memory. Deep down he suffers from low self-confidence and tries to overcompensate it by gaining higher social status.

History of Persona:
Fymer was born in seahold near Jade Harbour to fishcrafter Fyrlion and his wife Melda. He was orphaned early in his life, first his mother died in childbed, giving birth to his sister Meldia. Then few turns later, their father disappeared at the sea. They were left under care of their old grand-auntie Dalypia. She had been harper before the Plagues. Unfortunately, she was also getting senile with age, so Fymer and his sister pretty much took care of themselves. If you asked Fymer, the only good thing she did for him, was arranging his entrance to Harper Hall as an apprentice.

As an apprentice, Fymer discovered his true talent: with little practice, he could copy everybodyís signature. He made some marks by selling forged permissions to leave the Hall and so forth, for his fellow apprentices. Although some of the forgeries fell into the hands of Masters, their maker was never discovered.
After walking the tables, Fymer was assigned to the Jade Harbour Hold, where he married Cimria. She was from a good family, distantly related to the Hold's Blood. The marriage was for show only, Fymer never had any true feelings towards her. Instead, he got into gambling, and nearly lost his knots after getting involved in scandal. He would had lost everything, had Morin not intervened for his behalf. He found himself indepted with a dept he would spend probably rest of his life paying off.
Cimria gave him three children. She was breastfeeding the youngest one, Marcim, when mastitis turned into something more severe, and she died. Fymer left the children to be fostered with his wife's sister Cirami in Jade Harbour Hold. He himself transferred elsewhere. The only reason why he even bothers to visit his children once and a while, is his fixation to appearances, to apprear respectable and decent.

Family and Friends
Cimria, 33, Deceased (wife)
Fyria, 15, Hold-brat, fosterling (daughter)
Cimar, 13, Hold-brat, fosterling (son)
Marcim, 10, Hold-brat, fosterling (son)
Cirami, 30, Fostermother, JHH (sister-in-law)

Approved: June 8th 2011
Last updated: June 10th 2011

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