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Persona Profile: Rondera

Writer: Emma (ONPC)

Name: Rondera
Age: 18
Birthday: m4 d25
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Small for her age, Rondera has inherited her father and grandfathers colouring, giving her dark hair which she currently wears long. From her mother she gets her grey eyes, and clear skin.

Emotional Description of Persona:
She's quite bubbly and effervescent, rarely sitting still. She can give the impression of being a child still, bouncing around from one thing to another without thought.

However, there are some hidden depths there, she was greatly affected by the death of her father's weyrmate in fall, some worried about her for a while as she seemed to clam up while she dealt with her grief. It's left her with a desire to impress, and try her hardest to make sure no more accidents like that happen again.

History of Persona:
Concieved of a flight, Rondera was born at Thayan Peak shortly before the quake that led to the move to Dolphin Cove. She doesn't remember otherwise, to all intents and purposes it is where she was born and Dolphin Cove is home.

As her time in Harper Classes finished, there was only one thing she could think of doing, after all her Da was a rider, so was her Grandfather and a lot of her family. Despite seeing what had happened to Vonanlie, she still wants to stand.

Family and Friends
K'sedel, 68, Weyrlingmaster, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Grandfather)
K'deren, 45, Wingsecond, Cyclone Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Father)
R'sedel, 45, Wingrider, Cobalt Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Uncle)
K'reyel, 41, Weyrleader, Dragonsfall Weyr (Uncle)
K'don, 14, Weyrlingstaff Assistant, Dolphin Cove Weyr (brother)
Deralie, 8, Weyrbrat (sister)

Dragon's Name: Sarahth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m8 d27

Approved: March 29th 2008
Last updated: June 9th 2017

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