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Persona Profile: Miranek

Writer: Emma

Name: Miranek
Age: 51
Birthday: m7 d15
Rank: Master Healer
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Midwife and Pediatrician

Physical Description of Persona:
Miranek is tall, about 6'1" and weighing roughly 180lbs with dark brown hair which is usually kept cropped fairly short. He has startlingly blue eyes and deeply tanned skin.

Emotional Description of Persona:
He's very steady, and a good listener which make him ideal as a Pernese obstetrician. He also relates well to children, having never lost the ability to see the wonders and magic of life.

There is one flashpoint in this man's character - if he sees someone being really obviously mistreated then he feels he has to defend the helpless, this comes from being unable to protect his mother from his often drunk father.

History of Persona:
Born at Jade Harbour Hold 44 years ago to Michanor and Raneka after a long and difficult labour, Miranek was their only child.

Michanor felt he was not a full man as he had been only able to give his wife one child, this led him to spend long hours at the tavern, consoling himself with ales and wine. Seing his brothers and sisters have large families eventually convinced him that it was Raneka's fault they only had one child. He loved his son, but felt he had to punish his wife with his fists.

Miranek was torn between his love for his father, but knew that it was wrong for him to beat his mother this way. He heard Michanor apologise many times the following morning and as a young boy helped his mother patch her self up. Her father had been a healer and had passed on a little of his knowledge to his daughter, thinking it would do her know harm to know how to look after her family, this in turn she passed onto the young Miranek, who absorbed the knowledge like a sponge.

After he finished his harper classes, there was only one route open to him, the Healer Hall proper, where he specialised in bringing new life into the world and taking care of those children. Also being nearby he hoped that he could help his father realise that it was no-one's fault he was an only child, it just happened that way. This is starting to happen, his mother shows less signs of being beaten now and his father spend less time in the taverns.

Whilst there he married Helvalla, the daughter of a Master Healer. They have 3 children.

Family and Friends
Helvalla, 47, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (Wife)
Michanor, 73, Farmer (Father)
Raneka, 72, Farmer's wife (Mother)
Helan, 19, Hold resident (EFH) (Daughter)
Ranval, 17, Hold resident (EFH) (Son)
Valnek, 11, Hold resident (EFH) (Son)

Approved: February 12th 2007
Last updated: February 12th 2007

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