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Persona: Amber Hills Hold
Posting: Emerald Falls Hold


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Persona Profile: Rothen

Writer: AmajoS

Name: Rothen
Age: 33
Birthday: m8 d8
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Guard
Face Claim: Gabriel Aubry

Physical Description of Persona:
His brown hair is just long enough to need tying back when he is on duty. Off duty, it is usually loose, framing an angular face with light brown, nearly amber eyes. His skin is golden tan, bronzing darkly with time outdoors.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Cheerful and generally good-natured, he is often teased a bit by older guards as being too nice or soft for a lifetime in the job. But he pays attention and follows orders, hoping one day to rise in the ranks to a Captain position at a minor hold or perhaps even a major one.

History of Persona:
Born the third child and second son of a weaver stationed at Topaz Sea Hold, he remained behind with his mother and two sisters when the Southern Craftmasters ordered the withdrawal of crafters after the Topaz Sea Lord Holder's alliance with Thayan Peak Weyrhold (now Dolphin Cove Weyr). He hasn't seen his father or older brother since they left, both declaring they had no use for a boy tied to his mother's apron strings. The frustration that bred in him is evident in his dedication to his job as a guard.

He joined the Topaz Sea Hold guards at age fifteen, after two turns of working in the fields. He proved capable, with skills in the hunt as well. Often while off-duty he can be found hunting small game, making him fondly known by the Cook and staff at the Hold. He transferred to Amethyst Cliff at nineteen, in an exchange between the Lord Holders of able youths better suited for their new Hold than their birth one.

His mother survived the disaster at Topaz Sea Hold that wiped out much of the Hold's population and decimated the Hold proper. Her health was ruined however and she has developed a chronicly nervous disposition, which borders on hysteria when there are storms or she has to enter small spaces.

Rothen brought her to live with him at Amethyst Cliff so he could help take care of her, feeling he would have better means than his older sister who is always busy with her dolphin.

His younger sister, Kyselara perished in the disaster. His mother, however, believes her youngest daughter still alive and often refers to the girl as if she is just away on a trip. No one has been able to convince the woman Kyselara is dead and Rothen has stopped trying because it upsets her to hear it, especially since the earthquake that forced them to move to Amber Hills.

Family and Friends
Rothmar, 66, Journeyman Weaver (Father)
Kyselen, 64, Hold Worker (Mother)
Rothsel, 36, Journeyman Weaver (Brother)
Rothselen, 34, Journeywoman Dolphineer (Sister)
Kyselara (deceased), 28, Hold Resident (Sister)


Pup, Canine: aged 1, born m6 d10
Pup is a young, rambunctious puppy with a shaggy, black and tan coat. One large ear points straight up while the other flops at a jaunty angle. She has a long, tail which wags constantly, even when she is 'on duty.' She was born of good guard canine stock and is in training, along with Rothen.

Approved: April 2nd 2007
Last updated: April 12th 2019

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