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Persona Profile: Aishara

Writer: Paula


Name: Aishara
Age: 24
Birthday: m12 d13
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (November 2006)

Physical Description of Persona:
Around 5’6’’ tall and athletically build, Aishara is a striking figure. She has long brown hair and hazel eyes. Her nose is pointy, smile warn and friendly.
Her skin has nice brown tan, and she moves with feline grace. She is surprisingly strong.

Emotional Description of Persona:
: Aishara had very unusual upbringing for someone born in Emerald Falls Hold. She is strong, social and independent personality with warm, generous heart. Her kindness, merriness and general happiness had won her many friends. Her father had shielded her from the darker side of the life, so she sometimes appears naïve and pampered. But she was also raised to be sensible and to trust her own judgement.
She can handle beasts as well as or better than any male beastcrafter apprentice of her age but don’t let her cook. Aishara has a wild streak in her and although she is dutiful and loving daughter, she also knows how to keep her own head. Her sudden impression brought her whole lot of new problems to deal with: separation from her father, the bond with dragon, settling in to the weyr.

History of Persona:
Born in Emerald Falls Hold, Aishara was the only child of Aivorn and Troyshara. Her mother died in childbed and she was raised by her father and milk-mother named Heludia. When Aishara wasn’t in Heludia’s care, she was following her father around the beasthold. She was riding before she could walk and tending newborn lambs before she learned to knit. (She still doesn’t knit very well and her cookings are more likely to cause a foodpoisoning).
In otherwords, she grew up missing most of the femine skills required from good wife and instead learned all about beastcrafting. Despite that, she still had time for friends and girly gossip. Because of her merry and friendly personality, she had lot of friends. Heludia was only mother she knew and need and she tried to guide Aishara to the womanly skills. Un-fortunately the puppies and calfs often won. She was always bringing injured or orphaned beasts home.
Because of Aishara’s father’s weyrbred-roots, the two of them visited the Dolphin Cove weyr frequently. There she saw life totally different than in Emerald Falls holds.
When Aishara reached the teenage, she started to deep down rebel against the restrictions placed on her by hold or her over protective father. But she also respected her father too much to be openly rebellious. Besides, she had also discovered boys, which distracted her. Unfortunately Aivorn kept a close watch over his daughter so few secret kisses were only thing she managed to get.
Then a one visit to the weyr brougth a major change in Aishara’s life when she impressed green Ayumith from the stands.

Family and Friends
Aivorn, 62, Master Beastcrafter, Emerald Falls Hold (father)
Aiele, 89, Master beastcrafter, retired (grandmother)

Dragon's Name: Ayumith
Dragon's Age: 6
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m9 d2
Description of Dragon:
Emerald green in colour and medium sized green, Ayumith looks pretty much like the average of the greens. Her personality is another thing altogether. She is determined, with strong possessive streak and has a whimsical temper. She is not always the easiest person to get along.
But still, she can also be very sweet and gentle.

Approved: September 28th 2006
Last updated: December 5th 2017

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