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Persona Profile: Kraygh

Writer: Emma

Name: Kraygh
Age: 27
Birthday: m12 d1
Rank: Junior Journeyman Starsmith
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Starsmith
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Kraygh is tall - taller than average and skinny with it. It's as though he were built like the telescopes he adores. Dark blond hair, usually cropped short tops a tanned face from which grey eyes shine out.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Patient - that's the word that describes this young man the most. It's something he's had to learn with his chosen craft, to appreciate the stars and their movements properly one has to sit still a long time. And that gives him time to think, on life, love and those around him.

He's a watcher rather than a doer, intelligent, but not a conversationalist. that's not to say you can't talk to him, so far only one person has managed to find the key to that little trick, his wife Ragletta.

History of Persona:
Born at the Smith Hall to a Journeyman Smith and his wife, Kraygh flourished in that environment. It was every little boy's dream to have all these wonderful things to play with, and to be encouraged likewise to play with them in turn.

So it came as no surprise when he finally made his apprenticeship formal after finishing harper classes. Like all smiths, he took the basic courses, but showed a real aptitude for the stars and quickly asked to change his apprenticeship to Starsmith.

The application was accepted, and with it, a promotion to senior apprentice. Kraygh loved his studies, buried himself in them until Ragletta arrived on the scene a recent transfer from the North after the craft hall was opened to females. The apprentice was everything he wasn't - popular, possessed of the ability to talk to people, yet it was him she liked.

People wondered what it was that drew the two together, but it soon became obvious, a shared love of staring up at that night sky just speculating on what might be out there.

The day Ragletta walked the tables at age 19 they were married. They planned to stay at the hall, working, teaching and studying the stars until the arrival of the new Craftmaster. Ragletta was faced with a choice, set her knots aside or leave for a weyr where she could keep her rank, even if it would not be recognised elsewhere. Kraygh couldn't let her give up their craft, he knew what it meant to her, so he arranged quietly for a joint posting to Dolphin Cove Weyr.

Family and Friends
Ragletta, 27, Junior Journeyman Starsmith, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Wife)
Ghastwon, 52, Senior Journeyman Smith (Father)
Peekray, 49, Hall Resident (Mother)
Peegha, 24, Hall Resident (Sister)
Hastray, 22, Senior Apprentice Smith (Brother)
Krogha, 19, Hall Resident (Sister)

Approved: July 28th 2006
Last updated: July 26th 2006

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