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Persona Profile: Kapera

Writer: Avery


Name: Kapera
Age: 30
Birthday: m13 d29
Rank: Weyrwoman's Second
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Female Persona (March 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (March 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (March 2015)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (December 2014)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (February 2009)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (February 2009)
Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Female Persona (February 2009)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (November 2007)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (August 2007)

Physical Description of Persona:
Kapera is around 5'11, and has long legs, a tiny waist, and a large bust. She has features that appear hardened. Her emerald eyes boast long lashes, and her eyebrows are long, thin, and elegant. Her nose is small and pointed. Her skin is pale by natural complexion, but tanned by riding, and she can burn if not careful. While working she wears practical clothes. Whenever she can, however, she prefers to wear decorative clothes that accentuate her chest and legs. Her preferred colors are green and silver and she wears them as often as she can.

Her hair is a deep black and falls to her rear end. She knows that it is impractical for a dragonrider to boast such long hair, and she has to spend much time carefully weaving it into a style that is both attractive and high enough that it does not fall down past the nape of her neck, especially on Fall days, when it needs to be tucked under a helmet, but she doesn't mind the time it takes. Long hair is one of the luxuries she permits herself.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kapera is beautiful physically, but looks conceal the soul. She is intelligent, responsible and completes all her work; in fact, often going above and beyond what's assigned to her. If convinced a task will benefit her, Kapera will devote herself to it. She has great energy and drive, and could be a real force for change in and out of her Weyr- if she only cared enough to ever apply herself to that. Unfortunately, that's all the good that could be said about her.

At times, Kapera can appear the perfect remote and unapproachable goldrider, and at times, she can be sensual and inviting. The face she wears depends on her mood. Ambitious and obsessed with control, she hates having to be submissive to anyone- unless it's sexually. It isn't that Kapera is dishonest, exactly; it's just that she has a very flexible perception of things, one that doesn't correlate with the one of the others around her. She tends to keep secrets and hide her own depth. One thing no one knows is that Kapera has always wanted a pet to take care of; she can be nurturing and caring, if she tries, part of the reason she fusses over Riyanth when she clutches.

Kapera is quick to anger, selfish, has great emotional swings, and if she was in a relationship, she would be clingy to the point of overly dependent. Addicted to sex, she seeks it out compulsively and often. She is a very vulnerable person, but refuses to allow anyone but Riyanth to know this- breaking down in front of a person is her greatest fear.

History of Persona:
Born on Turn's End, Kapera was the younger child to the Holders of a large minor Hold. Peran and Sokama favored Sepedet (named after Sokama's mother) over Kapera. Kapera does not speak of what occurred then, of the fact that her parents paid more attention to her sister than to her, but she hates that it happened. It rankled her constantly, making her become bitter and vengeful. At eighteen Turns she eventually ran away, going through several places before making it to Windswept Islands Weyr.

The clutch laid when Kapera turned twenty, fortunately enough, was a large one- for the Pass was soon to come, not that too many believed- and contained a golden egg. As soon as she set her eyes on it, Kapera knew she would Impress it. She finally applied herself and paid attention in candidate classes, devoting herself with singleminded intensity towards her goal. When the Hatching came, the beautiful gold Riyanth broke free of her shell and headed straight for Kapera.

Kapera hadn't really thought about another mind bonding with hers, about the feeling of someone else knowing her. At first, the glory of Impression, of joining with a queen dragon and the instant access to status and power, was intoxicating to her. Slowly, though, she began to realize how uncomfortable she was sharing her thoughts with another so intimately, and the first few months of bonding with Riyanth were rough. She applied herself to the parts of weyrling training that didn't focus on the dragon-rider bond with a powerful intensity. She couldn't use her sexuality like before, which taught her how to use her cunning and her talents to succeed, a lesson she still uses now. Riyanth opened her up and took away some of the pure selfishness, forcing Kapera to think of things like Pern and the Weyr.

Her first Flight was amazing for Kapera, who immediately deemed it the best experience on Pern. Riyanth's subsequent clutching and the Hatching also filled her with joy. She took an honest joy in the eggs of her gold and the Hatching of them- one of the few times she is ever happy for others. Kapera dislikes being confined to the Weyr when Riyanth is clutching, because she has a powerful love of the freedom of flight and often goes out on flights with Riyanth when she can, but she finds ways to occupy herself- usually sexually.

Kapera made the mistake of thinking she was in love once, but later found out via Riyanth he was using her so he could claim he bedded a goldrider. Angry and hurt, she swore never to do that again, and quickly volunteered for more duties when they were available in order to immerse herself in work. She also took up casual sexual behavior, never becoming close enough to a partner to let them hurt her, never realizing she was becoming what hurt her. Unfortunately, when opportunities stagnated, Kapera became irritated. She wanted more power, more to do. As it stood she was just another goldrider, and she didn't want that. She wanted to be a Weyrwoman, or a Weyrwoman's Second, and is biding her time for an opportunity.

Family and Friends
Peran, 55, Holder of a Minor Hold (Father)
Sokama, 50, Holder of a Minor Hold (Mother)
Sepedet, 33, Married (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Riyanth
Dragon's Age: 11
Dragon's Colour: Gold
Description of Dragon:
Physical: Riyanth is not the largest gold to ever grace the skies of Pern, though she is certainly one of the largest. Her form is long and with a surprising amount of sleekness and swiftness for one of the golds, a racer as opposed to a burdenbeast, reminiscent of her green siblings in silhouette and form. Her color is a deep antique gold, shot through with shades of a honey-like gold. When in motion, she moves with a fluid grace that belies the sheer size of her majestic form.

Emotional: Riyanth wants to be involved in everything going on in the Weyr where she resides. She is arrogant, demanding, and possessive. Like all golds, Riyanth has strong opinions. She never hesitates to share everything, whether it's asked for or not. She often tries to intervene in her rider's life and does things without asking her rider many times. Riyanth is one of the most active of dragons, not being inclined to laze in the sun on the heights- unless, that is, it serves her purpose. Everything she does is manipulative and done entirely for her pleasure or to expand or use her influence. She is an incessant flirt and spends most of her time taunting the males. Nothing makes her happier then position, influence, and everyone adoring her.

When it comes to her clutch Riyanth is massively protective- anyone who wants to see her clutch is going to have to practically beg her for permission. Anyone except her rider will have a hard time seeing her eggs. When it comes to that wonderful precursor of clutches, the Flight, Riyanth is wild and uncontrollable. Passionate and tempestuous, Riyanth is noted for long flights. She drags them out as high as long as possible, takes amazing risks, taunts males mercilessly, prefers bronzes exclusively, and almost never chooses the same dragon twice.

Approved: October 9th 2007
Last updated: July 22nd 2014

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