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Persona Profile: K'ran

Writer: Avery


Name: K'ran
Age: 37
Birthday: m13 d25
Rank: Wingleader, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (July 2016)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (September 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
K'ran would be called tall, dark, and handsome... if he was only tall. Standing at 5'1, many do not take him seriously at first glance. A closer look would show the muscles he has developed from five Turns of oddball work as he was an adolescent, which imparted a fluid control to his movements, never lost, that proves he can be dangerous.

He is very good-looking, boasting a face unmarred by knife cuts or Threadscore, with strong but not unpleasant features. His eyes are a startling emerald green that show how experienced he is- there's a certain world-weariness that never leaves his eyes, a weight that's settled on him surprisingly early given the situation of his life. His hair is a rich chestnut brown, trimmed to just above his eyebrows. Locks fall round the ears, and his hair tapers at the back.

K'ran wasn't born with a particularly powerful frame, but he's certainly not a weakling either. His slender and yet strong hands are callous and mark him as no stranger to hard work- it's been his companion for his entire life. His naturally compact frame takes on a new light when one factors in the strength he's developed in his myriad work over the Turns.

Emotional Description of Persona:
K'ran is intelligent, competent, and practical. He has an excellent memory for details, and he's quick to associate names with faces. When interested in something, he learns as much as he can about it; when involved in working on something, especially something delicate, being interrupted tends to jar his concentration and he finds it hard to get back to work. He is very reliable and very responsible, traits which usually endear him to others. He cares about the people whose lives he is entrusted with, and tends to feel guilty and blame himself if someone is injured or killed. He is principled, speaking up when he sees an injustice, and seethes when he can't do anything about it.

He is very good with people, and knows how to put people at ease. He encourages honesty and fairness in both himself and others. He believes in a rapport with his wingmates and encourages his fellow riders to come to him with any problem. He makes sure his fellows knows he's there for anything, whether it's a work-related question or a personal issue. K'ran is somewhat nervous around females socially, and he tends to stutter when embarrassed. He has never chosen to have sexual relations on his own- the only time he ever has is the few occasions when Rogueth has won a flight.

He has the heart of a traveler, and enjoys seeing new places and new things. When he was a traveling Guard, he went to many different places on Pern, and loved them all. He has a wealth of knowledge about them that he loves to share. Impression has enabled him to do more traveling, something he loves. While K'ran has only what he needs in terms of clothes and most possessions, he has a secret packrat impulse, and has at least one memento of every location he's ever been. K'ran also writes journals, and has a log of his entire life. He keeps those well-protected; they mean a lot to him. He displays these in his weyr. His keen memory means he can go /between/ to any place he's been, and he takes advantage of this trait- rarely is he in on restdays.

His own personal honor is overridingly important. The honor of the dragons, the Weyr, and his wing all weigh on him as well. K'ran makes an effort to behave compassionately and as skillfully as he possibly can in an attempt to sustain his honor. One thing he is touchy about is himself and Rogueth- he's had to deal with comments about the small bronze, the midget bronze, the deformed bronze, his entire life as a dragonrider, and any negative comments make him bristle.

History of Persona:
Keiran lived a normal life with his twin, Corran. The adopted boys were raised by Serra, a healer, and Neja, a retired mercenary, at a cothold of under 20 people under the jurisdiction of Dragonsfall Weyr. Neja had been trained as a Hold Guard before having to leave the practice to take care of his family. He began to work odd jobs along with some of his fellows in a band for money, sometimes menial labor, sometimes of the almost-illicit variety, sometimes as a caravan guard. Still, he was a good and honorable man, and instilled these values in young Keiran and Corran.

Keiran and Corran were extremely close to each other, though they were sometimes complete opposites. Keiran was always more studious and practical, enjoying hidework, to Corran's disgust, while Corran tended to be more hotheaded and impulsive, following his instincts. Keiran had a secret desire to Impress. Corran did not. The boys were similar in other regards, though; both took well to the teachings of the Guard instilled in them by their father and members of the cothold, and they spent at least a candlemark a day sparring. Both became physically adept, agile, and able to use knives, swords, staffs, hand to hand, and other weapons skillfully. Their sparring matches were always a sight to behold.

When both turned twelve, the typical age to apprentice, Neja asked them what they wanted to do. The two boys had similar answers; both wanted to become a Guard. Corran wanted to go where he was most needed, and Neja suggested he apprentice to the Hold Guards of Amethyst Cliff. Keiran, though, had the heart of a traveler. To him, Neja suggested becoming one of the traveling Guards- Guards who went with caravans and other travelers anywhere on Pern. The two boys apprenticed in their respective paths, and rarely saw each other again after that.

Keiran was escorting a Minor Holder's son to a Hold under the protection of Far Island Weyr when he was seventeen. While about to leave, he was stopped by a large blue dragon. The dragon's rider informed him that he had been searched- did he want to go to Far Island and Stand? Thrilled at the idea, Keiran sent word to his family, and then left to Stand- not expecting the changes he'd see.

Weyrlife was quite a shock to Keiran. While traveling with Neja's old friends, he had been exposed to the occasional tavern, and the guards often practiced drinking and occasional debauchery on days off. But the reality of Weyrlife was something he was completely unprepared for. He hadn't known that men could like each other, or that women could be so...so...loose. It scared him, and while he knew that it was a part of being a dragonrider and he'd have to live with it as he Impressed, he chose not to participate in it.

It was the early morning, about a month after his eighteenth birthingday, when Keiran stood at his second and final Hatching. All of the eggs had hatched but one, though both hindlegs and one foreleg, as well as the tip of a nose, were poking out. The egg began to shake violently, rolling down the sands to land very close to a startled Keiran. The rolling broke the last of the shell, and the hatchling's head poked out. The head turned to look right at him, and he Impressed. Keiran, now K'ran, freed his new draconic lifemate from the last bits of egg...then found it was a bronze.

After being trapped in the egg and his difficulties getting out, Rogueth was weak. K'ran knew that his dragonet was fine, but others were more doubtful. The dragonhealers watched the pair for several days. His wings were injured from his struggle against the egg, his left hind leg had been slightly bent and was shortened, his tail crooked, and he was starving, but he would recover and lose these injuries as he aged and be normal.

After the pair joined the other weyrlings, they proved themselves to be the best of the group. Rogueth strived twice as hard as the others, feeling he had something to prove, and K'ran wanted to prove his worthiness of being a bronzerider and the rightness of having done what he did. There were occasional bumps in Weyrling training, like Rogueth's disasterous attempt at his first flight, or the first /betweening/ mishap where he wound up at a completely different place from where he was supposed to be. There was a lot of teasing and disbelief that they would accomplish anything, but the pair persevered.

K'ran had a relatively uneventful time after graduation. He became a Weyrlingmaster's Assistant for awhile- not because he was too young to join the wings, but because they wanted to keep an eye on Rogueth. He enjoyed his time there, but requested a transfer to Ista Weyr when it opened- he had fond memories of that area, because when he'd been a traveling guard they'd spent a few months on the Istan island. At Ista he joined the wings for the first time.

When Thread started to fall, he proved a good tactician, creating his own strategies in the spare time between drills and Fall. His Wingleader, a spiteful man, stole the ideas and took credit for them. K'ran couldn't seem to get recognition for anything; he seemed to be another bronzerider in the shuffle. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of his troubles. K'ran hadn't found life easy, socially, at Ista, and that never changed. Finally he requested a transfer away to Dragonsfall, hoping that being near his family would make his life easier.

When Dolphin Cove Weyr needed experienced adult riders, he volunteered to help out. But two Turns later, once that Weyr had replenished its strength, he returned to Dragonsfall and his family and eventually became a Wingleader there.

K'ran was volunteering assistance to the River Bluff Weyr territory when gold Orlaith rose for her flight. Rogueth chased, as bronzes do, and won. K'ran had to move to a new Weyr and learn to adjust to new responsibilities at a new place.

With the destruction of River Bluff Weyr, K'ran lost his Weyrleadership in a rather un-traditional manner. Now he's at Dolphin Cove Weyr leading a wing largely comprised of former River Bluff riders, trying to protect them as best he can.

Family and Friends
Corran, 37, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Serra, 78, Cook (Mother)
Neja, 86, Retired Guard (Father)

Dragon's Name: Rogueth
Dragon's Age: 19
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Rogueth is not the largest bronze to ever be shelled, nor is he one of the longest. In fact, he's quite small for a bronze dragon, only a bit larger than the largest of his brown brethren. It's quite possible that there exists browns larger then him. His form, perhaps because of his small size, is with a surprising amount of grace for one of the majestic bronzes, reminiscent of a smaller green or blue sibling in silhouette though obviously larger by virtue of color.

When at rest Rogueth is totally still; no unnecessary or random movements disturb his rest. His color, a rich molten bronze shot through with hues of gold and russet, is incredibly vivid and serves to draw attention away from his size and physical quirks. When in motion, he moves with a fluid grace not often seen among his fellow bronzes. Not the most physically imposing of his color- in fact, quite the opposite with his gnarled foot and kinked tail- Rogueth will nevertheless command a certain respect for his coloration and the uncommon elegance that he embodies.

Emotional: Rogueth is a dragon with a large amount of energy, never happy unless he's involved in something. The typical hatchling curiosity never quite wore off- Rogueth always wants to know everything about everything. Blessed with a great memory, Rogueth will always remember much of what he's observed, and what he doesn't remember he'll ask about. He is a very serious dragon, but with an irreverent bent.

He has strong opinions about what's right for himself and his rider and never hesitates to share what he knows or sees, whether it's asked for or not. A sarcastic bent couples with the willingness to speak his mind, meaning that arguments between this pair are likely to be common, though never serious. He is extremely talkative for a dragon. He often tries to intervene in his rider's life, believing he knows best. He does things without asking his rider many times, and sometimes goes contrary to his wishes. He is a naturally ambitious dragon.

Rogueth is one of the most active of dragons, not being inclined to laze in the sun on the heights- unless, that is, he's watching the stars or the clouds. He prefers to be in the water being active, or perhaps walking. Unlike most dragons who don't enjoy walking on land, Rogueth will, in fact, enjoy attempting to walk long distances. He is likely to try to see through his rider's eyes on a regular basis and be very closely involved in his mind, much more so then a dragon who prefers to keep their rider as just a presence in the back of their mind. He doesn't actively flirt with the ladies, preferring to allow them to be impressed by all the things he knows or his walking prowess. Rogueth has a peculiar love of the sea and fishing.

He can pull off more aerial maneuvers then his fellow bronzes and many browns and has an edge in speed. Sometimes, however, he gets tired early, and he is often exhausted by the end of Fall or drills. He has an ability with tactics and judging other dragons' performance that's enviable, part of the reason why he enjoys working with weyrling dragons- he can tell what they're going to be good at and helps them develop it. He has had the fortune to never be scored. He chases on occasion, and wins many of the flights he participates in.

Approved: April 11th 2006
Last updated: November 9th 2017

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