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Persona Profile: K'tu


Name: K'tu
Age: 23
Birthday: m6 d23
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Kiaowtu keeps his hair short, but as a result it curls into brown locks furiously. They do not obscure his clear blue eyes though which he'll use to look you straight in the eye. Average height for a growing boy his age, with more of it in the leg. He still looks a big gangly, but hes slowly filling out as he pursues his craft.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Simple and straightforwad are the two words that describe Kiaowtu. He simply lives his life day to day, and rarely has an original though. He took up the Smith Craft because his father was a Smith. He agreed as a candidate because Tokallya convinced him.

Kia is very care free, and certainly not a private person. A moment alone is a very rare thing for Kiaowtu. But he isn't outgoing, but he likes being a part of the crowd. Study groups, poker games, anything sociable he'll try to be there, enjoying the company.

History of Persona:
Kiaowtu is the third of seven children born to Loatu, Journeymen Smith and Kisaeyl. He was a sweet child, and had a rather ordinary childhood. He didn't get along with her brothers completely though. Being the gentlest of the boys he was excluded a bit. One of his mothers friends, the wife of another Smith had a daughter closer to his age then any of his siblings. They were fast friends, and grew closer as they grow older. When he apprenticed (at his parents urging), he began finally found himself in a peer group he could associate well with. As he grew more comfortable with people he became a social-holic. But he still always made time to be with Tokallya, who complained _endlessly_ about learning womenly duties, and wished for their harper classes once again.

As they grew older, it was obvious they cared for each other. Their mothers were thrilled they would eventually become one family. Kiaowtu was more then willing. He thought Tokallya was growing into facinating and passionate young women. Their first explorations were with each other. Tokallya admitted, only to Kiaowtu, she didn't think they were quite right for each other though. Kiawotu was simple, and comfortable, but she wanted someone with as sharp as mind as hers.

But, what was the likelihood of that? Kiaowtu said he didn't mind, even when their parents began planning for their eventual marriage. Neither said a word, for they were both fond of each other, and if it had to be someone... why not?

But two things happend. When a female Craftmaster took over the Hall Tokallya jumped at the chance. Her father couldn't argue, afraid it would insult the new Craft Master, and her mother simply thought it was just a phase to be closer betrothed. She began bothering Kiaowtu for help, further proving just how different the two were.

When things changed in the hall again, Tokallya was sent packing back to her families home. Kiawotu could see how disapointed she was. More then disapointed. He couldn't understand how she could feel so deeply, but he recognized she was in pain. One night they were talking, and she said how she wished she could just run away to the Weyr, but how her parents wouldn't let her go. They were afraid of how her willfulness would make her father look. Kiaowtu then said, too bad she wasn't searched, instead of him. It turned out there were eggs on the sands at River Bluff Weyr.

So she urged Kiaowtu to accept it, taking her with him. Well, why not, he thought, he doubted he'd impress. So they were both off, her parents consenting as she had guessed they would.

And he did fail, as he suspected. And has been failing since they arrived in early turn 3, but continues to stand even months later, to support the fiction for Tokallya's sake. He suspected if he stopped standing their parents would want them both back and start planning for the wedding. He really isn't picky though, and the weyr does seem an interesting place.

Very few people at the Weyr are aware of the "arrangment" between Kiaowtu and Tokallya. Most think they are just friends, which suits both of them just fine.

Family and Friends
Tokallya, 24, Weyr Resident, NPC Weyr (Friend)
Loatu, 62, Sr Journeymen Smith (Father)
Kisaeyl, 59, Mother (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Kadidyith
Dragon's Age: 6
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
To be updated!

Approved: March 31st 2007
Last updated: March 31st 2007

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