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Persona Profile: Jielta

Writer: Emma (ONPC)

Name: Jielta
Age: 22
Birthday: m6 d16
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Jielta takes after her father with her dark brown hair and light blue eyes. Her hair is curly, a trait she gets from her mother. She is shorter than the rest of her family, standing only 5'3". Being young, her metabolism is super fast, and she has a very slight build, despite the fact that she is almost always helping out in the kitchens.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jielta always has a twinkle in her eye and loves to be with people. She's grown up knowing her place in society. The young woman is quite happy about that as she wants nothing more than to find a suitable husband and settle down and get married and have lots of children.

As proper as she seems to be, however, there is an impish side to her that never keeps her far from trouble, though rarely does she get caught as she's learned the art of subtlety. Right now Jielta is in that between stage, where she isn't yet an adult, but not truely a child. As a result, she acts very childish one minute, and every inch a proper lady the next. Though she very much dreams of getting married some day soon, she has yet to learn the effect she has on men.

History of Persona:
Jielta was born to Fielton and Jayzine and was raised at the Vintner Hall. Being the youngest daughter, she was quite spoiled and always knew how to use her impish smile to get whatever she wanted. However, when her little brother was born, she doted on him, taking care of him whenever her own mother ignored him during the tumultuous last months of her marriage.

She didn't want to go with her mother when Jayzine woke her and her sister up one morning, but her mother didn't give her a chance to protest. Quite against her will, she was carried off to life at River Bluff and hated every minute of it, thinking that the debauchery that went on there was just as described. Jielta watched as her sister flitted around, never settling into anything.
However, she settled into the kitchens, quite happy to just learn whatever she could from the people there. As soon as she got a chance, shortly after she saw her sister leave for Amethyst Cliff to return to their father, Jielta talked a friend into taking her as well, leaving a note behind so she didn't have to deal with her mother.

Family and Friends
Fielton, 61, Master Crafter, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Father)
Badia, 26, Hall Resident, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Step-Mother)
Fieayz, 23, Hold Resident, Elsewhere on Pern (Sister)
Jayzine, 44, Headwoman, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Mother)
Miyon, 7, Hall Resident (Half-Brother)


Emmi, Green Firelizard: aged 7, hatched m2 d22
Emmi is a flirtatious green who loves nothing more than to get attention. She spends most of her day near Jielta, flittering around and taking scraps of meat whenever the young woman can spare some. Whenever Jielta is in the kitchen's, she can be seen sitting on top of some cabinet, watching her intently and waiting for her various treats.

Approved: October 25th 2007
Last updated: August 16th 2016

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