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Persona Profile: Rikola

Writer: Emma

Name: Rikola
Pronunciation: Rhymes with Nicola
Age: 17
Birthday: m5 d25
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Beasthealer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Around 5'2", with long dark blonde hair, usually worn tied back. Rikola has brown eyes in a heart shaped face, and a fuller (read curvy) figure. She's not overweight, it's muscle gained from working hard with her chosen craft of beasthealing. She prefers to wear clothes that show this off when she can, outside of craft or candidate chores, when if it's something messy, she'll cover up appropriately

Emotional Description of Persona:
As a weyrbred candidate, she's fairly relaxed about life. She always knew that standing was a possibility, given that her mother always said that her father was a rider from Dragonsfall. That's her one flashpoint, She doesn't know who he is, and if people pick at that spot too much she may lose her temper, although is learning to just walk away. Which can make her seem like she has a bit of an attitude about it.

History of Persona:
Rikola was born to a Lakolu, a kitchen worker who was a talented cook, but also one who occasionally liked to drink a little and party with the riders, and also mothing flights, so when she found herself pregnant one day, she decided to keep the child.

That was Rikola. At first she didn't really know any different, as she grew up in the creche, and didn't lack for love and affection as that was lavished on all the weyr's children. It was only as she started Harper classes and watched the others in her age group have both a mother and a father play a part in their lives she began to wonder, and asked her mother. All Lakolu would say was that he was a rider, and he had been good to her, and she had been wanted.

Eventually Rikola learned not to press the issue with her mother. Especially when the pass started and things suddenly changed and got more serious at the weyr. She knew her unknown father could be one of the riders fighting to keep them all safe, something she wanted to do.

Wanting to keep things safe and well translated into apprenticing to the beasthealers, with the understanding that if she impressed she could become a dragonhealer.

Rikola has had relationships with both boys and girls as she tried to work out where she fitted in. Her most serious relationship was with a young bluerider, Bi'bec, although she was never sure if it was the man or the dragon that did it for her.

Family and Friends
Lakolu, 40, Cook (Mother)
Bi'bec, 20, Bluerider (former lover)

Approved: December 20th 2020
Last updated: December 20th 2020

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