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Persona Profile: Orifa

Writer: Miriah

Name: Orifa
Pronunciation: Oar-REE-fa
Age: 15
Birthday: m2 d26
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Orifa is short, compact and pleasant looking, with thick black curly hair and dark skin. Like her older sister, Ninaine, Orifa will never be slender and still hasn't lost the girlish roundness; a life without any sort of manual labor hasn't helped her figure. Her eyes are dark brown with hints of gold; thick slashing brows accent a round face with high cheekbones and full lips. Her nose is highbridged and straight and she has a strong chin with a slight cleft.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Orifa has always complied with instructions and rules, accepting them without thought. But because she's always been compliant, she'd never had to really think about the consequences of her actions. She's a kind, na´ve soul, but unfortunately isn't always the brightest egg in the clutch. She's never had to be much of a thinker; doing what she was told was always easier than worrying about the whys and why nots.

Orifa doesn't hide her emotions; as such, what she thinks is often plain on her face and easy to read. She's also prone to daydreaming, believing in the reality of Harper tales, and can be rather silly at times.

History of Persona:
Orifa is the second oldest daughter of a large brood of children, a younger sister of the greenrider Ninaine. Raised by a strict mother and a Harper father at Amber Hills Hold, she was expected to follow the rules her family set forth, and she did so: be polite, be ladylike, never argue, always dress appropriately and never be alone with a man before she wed. All easy enough to follow.

It was her older sister who bucked all of those rules when she Impressed not a gold, like expected, but a green dragon. The event set off a flurry in her household, and her mother condemned the Weyr completely for ruining her eldest daughter. The weight of marrying well fell on Orifa and she would have complied, but...

The man they chose for her was old enough to be her father and he was sickly besides. Being traded for a good, steady stock of instrument wood was hurtful. Orifa was resigned to her fate but one wonderful day, she happened to be in the Amber Hills Courtyard when a Searchrider came, looking for Candidates for not one, but two clutches on the Sands at Dragonsfall Weyr. Having secretly read romantic tales of dragonriders, gallant ladies, and heroes, when the Searchrider singled her out, Orifa made her very first impulsive decision. She agreed immediately to the Search. A life in the Weyr, even one like her sister's, had to be better than a dull life married to an old man! Without telling her parents, she ran to gather up what belongings she could before her parents found her. She left with the Searchrider, hoping to find her sister and be a part of those Harper tales!

Family and Friends
Ninaine, 18, Headwoman's Staff, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Sister)
Ninori, 38, Hold Resident-Amber Hills Hold (Mother)
Fraine, 40, Harper (Father)

Approved: December 9th 2020
Last updated: December 16th 2020

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