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Persona Profile: Asaile

Writer: Miriah

Name: Asaile
Age: 16
Birthday: m8 d4
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Physical Description of Persona:
Small boned and with delicate features, Asaile is a fragile seeming beauty; her eyes are large and a light blue-grey, framed with long dark lashes. Pale skin is dotted lightly by freckles across her nose, giving her a sweet faced appeal. Her thick curly hair is a medium brown and despite all her efforts to keep them under control, her curls constantly escape her braids to caress her cheeks and neck.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Asaile is sweet natured, a bit shy, and more than a little naive; she tends to think the absolute best of everyone and their intentions. She isn't a thinker by any stretch of the imagination, believing that her status as a young Lady of the Blood requires her to submit to authority without question. She is content with that and her position.

History of Persona:
The only daughter of the Lord of Crimson Cliff, Asaile was coddled and sheltered by her father, mother, a sister and an elder half-brother. Never without a maid or a companion, she spent most of her life in the confines of the hold proper, learning the skills she would need as a wife. As such, she is well versed in the skills that any Lord Holder would value in a wife.

When her father decreed that she would foster at Sunstone Sea Hold, at first Asaile was terrified of being away from home, especially so far away and without the comforts of her family. But her father, hopeful of the prospect of her marrying well, convinced her that it was necessary for her to find a good husband. Submitting to his will came quickly and with the hopes that perhaps she could be the next Lady Holder.

Family and Friends
Asment, 45, Major Holder of Crimson Cliff Hold (Father)
Romaile, 42, Lady Holder of Crimson Cliff Hold (Mother)
Mament, 22, Crimson Cliff Heir (Brother)
Romasa, 18, Hold Resident of the Blood (Sister)

Approved: October 16th 2019
Last updated: October 19th 2020

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