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Persona Profile: Nadreh

Writer: Ames

Name: Nadreh
Age: 37
Birthday: m9 d23
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Hold Resident

Physical Description of Persona:
Nadreh stands on the shorter side for a Pernese female. She finds she has to stand on her toes to just reach her husband's face. Her long hair is often tied up in a bun or braided down her back to keep it out of the way. Her face shows a few crinkle lines around her eyes that are brought on by smiles that often grace her petite face.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Nadreh is overall a positive, happy woman. She is easy-going and goes with the flow. She _does_ however speak her mind when, and if, the time comes. She is not afraid to push others to success, especially her husband Jihan. She knows he is capable of so much, and gently nudges him to reach the goals she knows he has.

History of Persona:
Born and raised at Emerald Falls, Nadreh had expected to remain at the Hold for all her life. That was until the day she met Jihan on his visit from Red Rush Hold.

Their love grew over the Turns as they exchanged letters. Nadreh never hesitated when he asked her to be his wife. Her heart knew it was her destiny.

She loves her life as a wife to Jihan. For some time, she worried she would not be able to give Jihan a child. Every effort seemed to lead to a loss. Nadreh quietly carries those losses in her heart, but rather than allowing them to bring her down, she prefers to make the most of her daily life to honor all the babes that she wasn't able to bear.

Her life was forever changed when her first son was born. His birth made her the mother she always dreamed of becoming. The birth of their second son was another joyous moment for her and Jihan.

Secretly, Nadreh wishes for at least one more child, but knowing how hard it was to carry her two sons to term, she has accepted that another child may not be in her future. Rather than dwell on what cannot be, Nadreh prefers to focus on what is in front of her: her husband and two sons.

She was saddened when her father in law passed suddenly, but also pleased to be able to finally return to her childhood home at Emerald Falls where many of her family still reside.

Family and Friends
Jihan, 42, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (Husband)
Hanad, 11, Holdbrat (Son)
Jireh, 4, Holdbrat (Son)

Approved: June 6th 2019
Last updated: June 6th 2019

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