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Persona Profile: Dunrik

Writer: Miriah

Name: Dunrik
Age: 40
Birthday: m8 d21
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Job: Blacksmith
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Metalsmith- Blacksmithing/Metal Reclamation
Face Claim: Mark Ruffalo

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (August 2019)

Physical Description of Persona:
Durnik is a man of medium height and is stoutly built, heavy of shoulder with a barrel chest and thick, muscular arms and legs. Little burn scars fleck over his forearms, evidence of his profession.

He is tanned by the Southern sun and small crows feet crinkle at the corners of his eyes, evidence of a pleasant nature. Grey hair is seen at his temples, but the rest of the short curly hair is dark brown. His eyes match the color of his hair and are set under heavy, slashing brows.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Dunrik is soft spoken, not speaking much unless prompted to. As a man dedicated to his craft, he is known for his kindness, honesty, practicality, and his steady and reliable nature. He is a man that consistently chooses to do things in a correct manner, simply because it is the right way to do them. He values accomplishing things with hard work and doesn't believe in short-cuts.

History of Persona:
Dunrik was born the son of a Master Smithcrafter and many of his lessons were learned in his father's forge from time he could lift a hammer. He apprenticed as soon as he was able and his steady nature earned him a respectable reputation early on in his studies.

When he was a young journeyman and beginning to choose a specialization, he witnessed one of the knives he had crafted as a gift used during an ill-fated duel between two of his closest friends. One friend was killed by the weapon he forged and the other banished from the Crafthall. The experience traumatized him and he swore never again to forge a weapon. Instead, he chose to concentrate on reclaiming old weapons and metals, crafting and reforging them for new purposes.

Dunrik was briefly married to a woman that he adored, Poldana, but unfortunately, the marriage lasted less than two turns. His wife died birthing their son, leaving him to raise the small child on his own. He never remarried.

He keeps busy in his forge and no duty or job is too small for his keen eye. From crafting nails to intricate decorative ironwork, Dunrik can and will do it all. His joy is in the ring of the forge hammer against metal, the heat of the forge, and the pleasure of a job well done. His son, now an apprentice himself, often helps him, learning much as Dunrik did as a young boy.

When the call came for Crafters to assist building the new Weyrhold, Smithcraft Hall requested that he relocate to the area to assist. He readily agreed, eager to assist in the building and creation of such a large project, and knowing that his skill would prove invaluable.

Family and Friends
Rikol, 14, Jr. Apprentice Smith (Son)
Poldana, 1, Deceased (Wife)

Approved: May 3rd 2019
Last updated: May 2nd 2019

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