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Persona Profile: Tisafelle

Writer: Miriah

Name: Tisafelle
Age: 16
Birthday: m8 d6
Rank: Candidate
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Weaver
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Anna Kendrick

Physical Description of Persona:
Of medium height and slender, Tisafelle's one true glory is a thick sheath of straight dark auburn hair that falls to the middle of her back. While she could never be outright called a beauty, she is attractive; her dark blue eyes are framed by long, dark lashes and her oval face is finely boned. Her upper lip is thin, but her lower lip thrusts out in an alluring, practiced pout. Dark brows arch over her eyes and are a mirror for her emotions.

Tisafelle sways when she walks, her entire bearing speaking of supreme self-confidence. Her poise and manner do draw gazes, and if her clothes are tight enough to seem painted on, what of it?

Emotional Description of Persona:
Tisafelle is passionate, moody, arrogant, and temperamental. Highly proud and with a fiery personality, it takes only a small slight to get her temper going and once started, it is difficult to calm. She has yet to learn restraint or tact, and the result can be volatile. Tisafelle is known to hold grudges for a very long time, and never forgets a slight, no matter how small or perhaps insignificant to another. She will act on them and if she can make someone who she believes has wronged her miserable, then she'll do so.

With a tendency towards rebelliousness, she is prone to flaunting her independence as much as possible, looks down upon those who she believes lack intelligence, are annoyingly dreamy, and or are dependent on another. For many of those reasons, she has difficulty tolerating most of her peers. She enjoys testing boundaries and will press them as hard as she can before learning what she can or canít get away with.

Because of this, or perhaps in spite of her attitude, Tisafelle is an excellent actress towards authority figures, and can easily appear sweet and agreeable to get her way. Coupled with cunning and a manipulative nature, when she decides she wants something, she strives to get it in whatever way she feels necessary, including use of feminine wiles. She's learned that being sexy is an excellent tool and she'll exploit every ounce of sensuality she can muster. However, despite the overt sexuality she can display, it never goes farther than a few sultry smiles and perhaps a kiss or two. She also has typical hold prejudices against certain types of relationships that are common in the Weyr and does make her opinions known on the matter.

On the surface, Tisafelle seems hard as nails, untouchable, as though nothing would ever faze her. But even though it's well hidden, she's still young. Things do bother her and she does have a well-hidden conscience, she just refuses to let anyone see. Tisafelle is all about pride, and she refuses to bend even the slightest.
There is, however, a tenderness lurking beneath that hard surface, rarely seen and rarely given except to those that she knows she can trust.

What is most surprising about Tisafelle and something that would be completely unexpected, is her willingness to learn. Though she might shirk or avoid more menial chores, her drive and intelligence causes her to excel at lessons.

History of Persona:
Born the only child of a prosperous family who lived in Emerald Falls Hold, Tisafelle was spoiled and indulged by her father's elderly aunt and uncle who raised her after her parents' deaths due to illness. Her uncle and aunt were childless, and from the moment she came into their care at the age of five, anything she desired, she received. She became a hellion of the Hold, but quickly learned to use flattery and guile to convince her guardians that the trouble that often came was never her fault. Thus, there were few consequences for her.

When she became of age and ready to marry, she refused every suitor that her aunt and uncle presented, disliking the thought of being owned by a husband or having to obey anyone. They allowed it, not wanting to force her unwilling into a marriage she didn't desire. She wanted greater things for herself than just a simple marriage, but unable to take a craft, there were few options.

The option came when she was Searched by a visiting dragon. The blue proclaimed she had potential and she accepted the Search immediately, certain that she was meant for a gold egg that would eventually come. Her aunt and uncle were dismayed at the prospect, but like many times before, Tisafelle got her way and left for the Weyr.

Family and Friends
Tisrultan, 74, Master Tanner (Great-Uncle)
Shigrane, 70, Hold Resident (Great-Aunt)


Boy, Brown Firelizard: aged 0, hatched m10 d19
Boy is on the small side for a brown firelizard, his hide the color of roasted klah bark. He is devoted to his pet and stays close to her. He's loving, affectionate and a little pudgy due to the spoiling he receives.

Approved: April 12th 2019
Last updated: September 10th 2019

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