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Persona Profile: Lorican

Writer: Estelle

Name: Lorican
Age: 37
Birthday: m2 d26
Rank: Senior Journeyman Smith
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Metalsmith

Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (December 2020)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (October 2020)

Physical Description of Persona:
Lorican doesn't have a memorable face, but there is an openness about his features that invites trust, and his quietly confident manner has served him well in his craft. While he isn't as big and solid as some of his fellow smiths, his work has built up muscle in his arms and shoulders, and frequent journeying on foot has left him lean, tanned and sinewy.

When he's in the hold he keeps his dark hair cropped close, although it grows out somewhat while he's travelling. He has light brown eyes which, on a closer look, are flecked with green and gold. His long-fingered, steady hands are callused and marked with faded scars from minor accidents in his apprentice days. A scar stretches from a few fingerwidths above his left ear down towards the front of his temple, where he was struck in an attack on the road which led him to the Weyr.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Growing up in a relatively constrained and traditionalist environment, Lorican learned that he could make his life easy by keeping strong feelings to himself. To the outside world, he maintains an easy, patient and calm manner that can be mistaken for docility, but he has an inner core of determination which can show if he's pushed too far. More often, he will seem to back down in a dispute, but quietly pursue his own course. In the less formal atmosphere of his posting he has loosened up and made good friends.

The most important person in Lorican's life is his younger brother, Selrin. The boy was the unexpected baby of the family and was doted on by all. Unfortunately, he grew into a lazy and irresponsible young man with a taste for gambling and drink. Lorican is not unaware of this, but due to his long absences on craft business has been able to do little about it other than pay off his brother's debts and smooth over any difficulties.

Lorican specialises in metalwork. In his posting to the sea hold the majority of the items he works on are domestic in nature or related to the fishercraft, from small hooks and rings to heavy anchors and chains, and weapons to defend against the ever-present threat of pirates and smugglers. But when he has time, he likes to design and create small accessories such as buckles, belt knives and brooches, which he sells or gives away as gifts to friends. He has developed a simple but elegant style, with clean lines inspired by the familiar shapes of sails and hulls that fill the harbour of the sea hold.

History of Persona:
Lorican was born at Garnet Valley Hold. His father worked at various skilled manual jobs, including maintenance and repair work around the Hold, gaining a reputation for diligence. He also had a uncle who rose to a respected position as a guard. For most of his childhood the young boy wanted to follow in this man's footsteps, but as he got older he became curious about how the weapons his uncle worked with were made. He started to assist his father, his interest widened and he showed a talent for working with his hands. With the help of the hold's harper, his family was able to secure a place for him as an apprentice at the nearby Smith Hall.

His mother had always suffered ill health and was unable to have more children after her first son was born. Not long after Lorican's eleventh birthday, she fell sick with a fever, never recovered properly and died shortly before he was due to take up his apprenticeship. Lorican wanted to stay at home, but his father wouldn't hear of him giving up his opportunity to learn a craft. While he was at the Hall, he got the news that his father had remarried and later, that he had a new baby brother. He was promoted to journeyman at nineteen and asked for a posting at the Hold so he could be close to his family.

When he was in his mid-twenties, his father died suddenly of a heart attack. It turned out that he'd been experiencing health problems and having been warned of the possibility by the hold healer, he wrote a letter to his eldest son asking him to always take care of his younger brother. Lorican has taken this responsibility very seriously, ever since. It was only when his brother reached the age of fifteen that he reluctantly agreed to return to the Smith Hall, at the insistence of an old Master from the Hall who was worried that his career had stalled. There, he was promoted to senior journeyman and after some time studying, took up a new position at Rocky Bay, a sea hold a few days' journey from Dolphin Cove Weyr, assisting a master who was approaching retirement.

Lorican has been working there for several Turns, alternating time in the sea hold with trips to the surrounding settlements which are too small to support a smithcrafter of their own. Most recently he made his first visit to the Weyr, but was attacked on the road and ended up staying longer than he'd expected.

After a short stay, he left to track down his attacker and discovered that he had unwittingly become involved in a plot to blackmail a wealthy Holder, which he sabotaged by destroying some incriminating letters. Hoping to resume his quiet life, he returned to Rocky Bay, but his well-meaning actions caught up with him when a mysterious woman attempted to kill him, burning down the smithy in the process. Badly injured and fearing she might try again, Lorican requested to be moved to the Weyr for treatment, where he hoped he would be safe.

While recovering at Dolphin Cove, Lorican fell in love with the Weyrhealer, Urlene, but believing that she would not be interested in him, he requested another posting. Only after he'd been assigned to the new Weyrhold at Barrier Lake did he find out that she shared his feelings and was willing to let him court her. Since it was too late to change his mind, Lorican has had to leave Urlene and travel to Barrier Lake, hoping to earn his Master's knots and return to his beloved.

Family and Friends
Lusilk, 25, Weyr Resident, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Wife)
Acalan, 70, Hold resident (Father (deceased))
Daranne, 62, Hold resident (Mother (deceased))
Mersila, 46, Hold resident (Stepmother)
Selrin, 23, Hold resident (Brother)
Olefan, 77, Guard (Uncle)
Silgan, 5, Weyr Resident (Stepson)

Approved: April 1st 2019
Last updated: January 9th 2021

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