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Persona Profile: Dorana

Writer: AmajoS

Name: Dorana
Age: 24
Birthday: m7 d15
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Headwoman Assistant
Face Claim: Eliza Dushku

Physical Description of Persona:
Dorana is on the tall side of average for women, standing at about five feet and five inches. Her dark hair is usually kept tied out of the way, but when it is free it falls just between her shoulder blades and is slightly wavy. She has dark brown eyes and eyebrows the same shade as her hair. Her hands are rough from the work she does at the Weyr.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Dorana is mostly cheerful with a bit of a mischievous streak that allows her to see the humor in most situations. She can be very serious at times, however, and is no-nonsense when it comes to getting her work done.

She is also stubborn and a bit impetuous, traits which led to her leaving home despite her father's wishes when she was Searched. She was bitterly disappointed when she aged out of Standing at Hatchings and still is to this day. Even so, she enjoys living at the Weyr and even the work she does to a certain extent.

History of Persona:
Dorana was born at Emerald Falls Hold, the daughter of a guard and the youngest daughter of minor holder who had sent all three of his girls to the Hold to find husbands. Dorana's aunts both found good matches, but her mother fell in love with one of the Hold guards and would not be persuaded, going so far as to sneak him into her bed. When they were found the next day, the sisters' chaperone wrote their father and he washed his hands of her, freeing her to marry whomever she wanted but cutting her off from the rest of the family.

They had four children, including Dorana, who is the oldest of the brood. Dorana's father saw how much his wife's rebellion had hurt her - even if it benefited him personally, and decided that he would make sure his children never suffered the same. Also, he had ambition that outstripped his status as a guard. He would see that the girls were raised to be proper young ladies and the boys obedient young men. They had the blood of their mother's family, even if she was on the outs with that same family, so they should be able to make decent matches when they grew up.

However, one day a Search rider came and told Dorana that she might be able to Impress a dragon. When she told her father about it, he said no. He'd been negotiating a match between her and the youngest son of one of her mother's cousins. The young man didn't look to inherit much, but the match was a step up from Dorana's current station and their children would be able to make even better matches.

Dorana inherited her mother's stubbornness though and, after a huge fight with her father and mother both, she stormed out with only the clothes on her back. She asked the Search rider to take her to the Weyr that very day.

She never did Impress, which had been one of the things her father had thrown at her in their fight. That she wouldn't and then where would she be? Well, she decided staying at the Weyr was answer enough.

Family and Friends
Randon, 43, Guard at Emerald Falls Hold (Father)
Domaria, 40, Hold Resident at Emerald Falls Hold (Mother)
Andom, 18, Sr. Apprentice Weaver (Brother)
Ariad, 14, Hold Resident at Emerald Falls Hold (Brother)
Marnia, 11, Hold Resident (Sister)

Approved: March 27th 2019
Last updated: May 27th 2019

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