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Persona Profile: Sezian


Name: Sezian
Age: 29
Birthday: m8 d18
Rank: Senior Journeyman Harper
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Teacher
Face Claim: David Boreanaz

Physical Description of Persona:
Sezian stands just under 6'0, is pale skinned and has coal black hair. His eyes are dark brown with heavy slashing brows that define them; his cheekbones are high, but he saved from being considered pretty by a bold nose and strong jaw. He is naturally slender, but has wide shoulders and narrow hips, but his muscles aren't as sculpted or defined as dragonmen's. He is active however, and prefers to exercise to maintain his health. Sezian's smile is much like his brother's, and is given almost as often, but with less attempt at charming others.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Unlike his older brother who was known for being a roguish flirt, Sezian is more serious and introspective in comparison. He thinks carefully before he acts and is rarely impulsive, preferring to consider matters before making a decision. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to overthink as well, making emotional decisions more difficult for him to navigate.

He is more reserved about people in general unless he comes to know them very well; it is then that similarities with his brother emerge. Then, he will joke, occasionally flirt, and be playful. Until that point, he is polite, quiet, and soft spoken around others.

History of Persona:
The youngest son of two Harper parents, Sezian grew up idolizing his older brother, Zian. The three-turn difference between the pair didn't seem to impact their closeness and while apprenticing and studying at Harper Hall, they played music, took lessons, and spent every moment outside of classes together. Zian drew out his introverted younger brother, and Sezian provided some measure of stability and restraint to his older, wilder sibling.

When Zian was Searched and went to the Weyr, it was difficult for Sezian, who missed his companionship, but he steadily embraced his craft and grew as his own person. He was there, however, when Zian became Z'an. Their lives diverged, but the pair made an effort to remain close, despite the long separations.

At Harper Hall, and despite a marked talent for vocal music and a beautiful baritone voice, Sezian decided not to follow his brother again and chose to specialize in teaching. He enjoyed teaching younger children especially and as he became a senior journeyman, often found himself on a teaching circuit away from the Hall. He loved his duties and often thought of remaining on the circuit as long as he was allowed.

That changed the moment he was told that his brother and his brown dragon had been killed in Threadfall. He left the circuit and with his parents, moved to Dragonsfall Weyr, where Z'an had left a young woman that he cared for, Gelira, along and with child. That last link with a beloved brother was enough to help Sezian decide to stay at the Weyr to help Gelira with fostering and raising Gelzan.

Family and Friends
Z'an, 32, Wingrider, Cyclone Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Brother (deceased))
Gelira, 20, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (friend)
Gelzan, 2, Resident (Nephew)

Approved: March 23rd 2019
Last updated: August 13th 2019

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