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Persona Profile: Stenlis


Name: Stenlis
Age: 49
Birthday: m7 d18
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Minor Holder- Golden Waves Hold
Craft: Farmer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Fiber Crops

Physical Description of Persona:
A large man, Stenlis tops six feet easily, with broad shoulders and a trim waist that is slowly thickening with age. His hair is an auburn brown, shot through with grey at the temples and in the short goatee that he cultivates. Sun has weathered his skin attractively, and there are pronounced crows feet at the corners of hazel eyes. Stenlis walks with pronounced limp with the help of a cane, the result of a leg injury that never healed properly.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Stenlis is ambitious, intense, and focused on what he wants to achieve. His focus can lead to obsession, which may be his greatest downfall. His small holding has been growing, which brings him a great deal of pride, but he wants more. Most of his life he's been outwardly honorable, but his obsessions can cause him to abandon that honor when what he wants might be out of his grasp. This can and does cause him guilt, and he tries to rectify his mistakes afterwards.

History of Persona:
Stenlis was born the third son of a minor Holder and unlikely to inherit his father's position. Dedicated to the the land, he apprenticed as a Farmcrafter as early as possible, intent on working alongside his brothers. At 19, he fell desperately in love with the only daughter of another minor holder. She was stunningly beautiful, captivating, and winsome; Yriadha captured his heart with a single smile. He asked for her hand, only to have it rejected by her father, who had other plans for the girl.

Stenlis was furious as Demeltor, a much older and wealthier man, was matched to her. Determined that Yriadha was to be his, despite the rejection and despite what might occur to the young woman when it was discovered, he seduced her the night before her wedding.

He left three days after the marriage took place, unable to bear seeing Yriadha with another man. Seeing his fury and fearing that his son might do something foolish, his father sent him away to Amber Hill's main Hold for further training. He married a young, rather dim, but pretty woman, Calibrisa, who looked nothing like the young woman that plagued his thoughts daily, but satisfied needs and gave him two sons and a daughter. She was a pleasant company, and he was kind to her, so the marriage was satisfactory, but had little of the fire that he desired.

He was recalled to Golden Waves Hold after the deaths of his two older brothers; both dying within weeks of the other. Stenlis took possession of Golden Waves after the death of his father and upon learning that Yriadha and her husband had left the area, used all of his resources to find her. His own wife also grew ill, becoming frail and weak, forcing him to delay his quest to recover what he had lost.

Upon discovering where Yriadha had gone and digging as he could to discover any news about her, he moved her sickly father into his home, hoping that hearing word of him would draw her back. He waited and heard little. Frustrated, he began negotiations for trade and boarded a ship to Sunstone Sea Hold.

Family and Friends
Calibrisa, 43, Hold Resident (Wife)
Cablis, 23, Hold Resident (Son (Heir) )
Bristen, 22, Hold Resident (Son)
Lirise, 20, Hold Resident (Daughter)

Approved: March 5th 2019
Last updated: August 13th 2019

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