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Persona Profile: T'min

Writer: AmajoS

Name: T'min
Age: 15
Birthday: m13 d6
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Miner
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Temmin is short and stocky with barrel chest and thick legs that bow just slightly. His hands are rough and strong and his face is square with a strong jaw, a thick, broad forehead, and a slight cleft in his chin. He has blue eyes and short black hair that tends to curl if he lets it grow. Despite his youth, he is quite strong from the work of growing up in a small mining hold.

Emotional Description of Persona:
He comes off as quiet or even shy and people often mistake him for not being very bright because of this along with his generally rough appearance. However, once he gets used to a person, he is open and friendly with them.

He is aware that he comes across as less intelligent than he actually is and generally it doesn't bother him. In fact, sometimes he enjoys the shock people seem to have when he says or does something that shows his intelligence. However, occasionally it bothers him that people underestimate him so much and he wonders if they might be right after all.

History of Persona:
Temmin is the third of five children born to a journeyman miner named Temoric and his wife Minna. They are one of several families living and working at a small mining hold beholden to Amber Hills Hold.

While not officially part of the craft, Temmin has been working in the mine, along with most of the boys in the hold, since he was considered old enough at twelve - in one capacity or another. His parents meant to send him to the crafthall to officially be apprenticed, but before that could happen, he was Searched. After being told that he could apprentice at the Weyr as well, they allowed him to go with the Search Rider.

Temmin himself wasn't exactly pleased with the situation. Not that becoming a dragonrider wasn't a dream he'd had since he was a small boy - just like most boys. But he'd lived his whole life at that mine and the only time he'd ever been away had been to attend a couple of Gathers at the Hold over the turns. The idea of leaving to go to the crafthall was bad enough, but the Weyr was so completely overwhelming a change. Only the idea that he might actually impress a dragon has kept him from being miserable in the few months he's lived at the Weyr.

Temmin became T'min when brown Osgrath hatched, the very first of his clutch to do so. It was his first time Standing and he hadn't expected to Impress. It was the happiest moment of his life thus far, even though the Hatching itself had been marred by tragedy.

Family and Friends
Temoric, 40, Journeyman Miner (Father)
Minna, 31, Hold Resident (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Osgrath
Dragon's Age: 0
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Osgrath is a large, almost pudgy looking at this young age, dragonette with a deeply brown hide and over-sized feet and talons. He will almost certainly grow into a very large dragon, especially given his appetite.

His personality is very outgowing and confident, at odds with his rather shy and often insecure lifemate.

Approved: January 18th 2019
Last updated: March 3rd 2019

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