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Persona Profile: Iera


Name: Iera
Age: 22
Birthday: m3 d8
Rank: Junior Journeyman Harper
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Face Claim: Miranda Lambert

Physical Description of Persona:
From first glance, Iera appears like a typical holdbred woman. She has long, golden locks of hair that frame a strong jawline and chin. Her nose is straight and pert and set between two piercing blue eyes. Iera's mouth is full with corners that turn down. While Iera is not incredibly tall at around 5'6", she has a solid, athletically built body that she takes great pains to keep in shape.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Iera is a closed book, and it takes a lot to get past the front cover. She's closed off because of how she was raised and the experiences she has had in life. Iera is incredibly intelligent and has a sharp tongue when necessary. Because women aren't typically allowed to craft, she has a chip on her shoulder and a desire to prove herself to her male colleagues. Iera tends to find women attractive and has never had a desire to be with a man, this tends to add to her closed-off nature, since she's unsure of how to go about expressing her feelings towards those of the fairer sex.

History of Persona:
Iera was born to a pair of poor farmers, one of several children that the couple struggled to feed. Iera remembers days when there was nothing for supper but some boiled rivergrains. It became easier for her no-account father to use their spare room to board traveling strangers, and not all of those strangers were kind and honorable when it came to Iera and her sisters. For Turns Iera was helpless, living too far out to run off, and having no where to go even if she did. It wasn't until rumors of the Harper Hall accepting women drifted out to their patch of dirt that the idea to run away was born in Iera's heart.

When she was fourteen, Iera stole away from her home with just a napsack of things to carry with her. She was one of the first women accepted by Hallmaster Gilas in the third Turn of the Pass. The grit it took for her to travel on foot to the Hall was enough to secure her a place to stay. It was her skill with a flute, the only instrument that had ever been in her home growing up, that got her accepted as an apprentice. At the Hall Iera was given clean clothes, and she slowly grew accustomed to having three square meals a day, so she didn't have to sneak rations back to her quarters in fear that the food would run out.

Her natural intelligence served Iera well, and she advanced as quickly as her male counterparts, who weren't thrilled to have her around. Iera didn't care, she'd learned the hard way on how to deal with men and boys. Quite a few times during her first couple of Turns at the Harper Hall, Iera had to be punished for getting into fights with boys. A kind lady, a harper's wife, took pity on her and mentored Iera on the side, teaching her better etiquette, and showing her how to settle issues with words rather than fists.

At nineteen Iera walked the tables to become a junior journeywoman, and she continues now at the Harper Hall, with her eyes set on becoming a Master some day.

Family and Friends
Edvar, 48, Farmer (Father)
Iymeena, 44, Farmer's Wife (Mother)
Eydaara, 28, Cotholder's Wife (Sister)
Medaryn, 24, Farmer's Wife (Sister)
Ideema, 19, None (Sister)
Iydara, 18, None (Sister)
Yymedra, 17, None (Sister)
Varmeyna, 15, None (Sister)
Ievyna, 12, None (SIster)

Approved: October 8th 2018
Last updated: September 1st 2019

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