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Persona Profile: Brinnjura

Writer: Sarah Lynn

Name: Brinnjura
Age: 21
Birthday: m13 d19
Rank: Senior Weyrling
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Pretty and very round are the two ways to describe her when someone first sees her. The third way is through her height, which is tall for a Pernese woman at 5’11”. It’s hard to tell right now, but she’ll eventually be a rather trim woman with an underlying build of muscle thanks to the strength she gains as a dragonrider.

Her light brown eyes, both framed by thick lashes, rest beneath elegant brows, and between them she sports a thin nose. Her hair hangs a little ways past her shoulders and needs to be trimmed frequently because it grows so fast; she likes to wear it pinned back in some manner and can most often be seen wearing it pinned in a bun of some sort.

She has a naturally fair complexion, partially born out of the fact that her mother rarely allowed her to leave the inside of the Hold, but since becoming a rider, it will be discovered that she’s capable of achieving a beautiful golden glow. Her preferred colors are more earthen and cream tones.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Despite growing up with a mother that she’s certain hated her, she’s actually a rather happy young woman. She usually has a ready smile on her face for those around her, and seems to be rather cheerful all around. Getting away from her family was one of the best things for her, though she’s the first to admit she misses her siblings dearly.

However, while she claims to be happy all the time, she actually hides her hurts and heartaches by turning to food - first by eating it, and then by baking it. Now that she’s at the Weyr and a Junior Weyrling to boot, the weight that she’s gained over the Turns is going to start coming off, and with it, a whirlwind of emotional change is going to rock her world.

History of Persona:
Born to a mother that was selfish and vain and never wanted children because they’d ruin her figure. Her father was complacent and foolishly in love, so much so that he gave in to his wife’s whims - to a point. In order to have children, and more importantly, the chance to have sons, he was able to convince her to chance it by plying her with marks and gifts. Brinnjura was the first, and while she was the prettiest, she was also the largest, and caused the woman a fair amount of pain.

The injustice would not be forgotten, and because of it - and her placement as the eldest child - she received the brunt of her mother’s verbal blows, which couldn’t even be gentled by her father who was nestled too far underneath his the woman’s thumb.

The moment she was old enough to realize what feelings were, Brinnjura was old enough to figure out that food made her feel better, and combined with already being a tall girl, she started to grow, which only earned her more of her mother’s derision. She learned to put on such a happy face that she learned to bury the hurt of the teasings and never talked about it with anyone, not even those that tried in vain to sympathize with her.

Eventually she started to work in the Hold as a baker, since food made her feel better and what else was she going to do since her mother said no one was going to marry her despite her pretty face? She found some success at her, despite often sampling her deserts, and even found a fan of her creations in her father, who finally started to open up to her when they got together one night and chatted over bubblies and klah when her mother was away.

But a baker’s life was not meant for her, and neither was a father-daughter relationship. Eventually her mother returned saying someone had agreed to take her as a wife, and while she tried to plead with her father and their recent friendliness towards one another, he turned a deaf ear on her.

She had no choice but to agree with the circumstances her mother was forcing upon her, and settled in for the night knowing that soon her life would forever be changed. And change it did, but not in the way her mother had intended, and not in the way she had anticipated.

The dragonrider that had been paid for to transport her to the Hold that would become her home informed her that his green thought she should stand at their Weyr, Dolphin Cove. Her mother said no, her father did as well. But the choice was not theirs to make, it was Brinnjura’s, and she gave an enthusiastic yes.

At her first hatching, towards the end, a beautiful little green named Okalinath plopped down at her feet. The connection was instantaneous and never before had she felt such a sense of belonging in her life. While she knew she was going to going through her paces in the many, many sevendays to follow, she had no doubts in her mind that the dragon at her side would be worth every effort made.

Family and Friends
Branigan, 50, Master Crafter (Father)
Sinnjura, 38, Master Crafter's Wife (Mother)
Brannjuran, 18, Junior Journeyman (Brother)
Granjuna, 16, Hold Resident (Sister)
Sanjagan, 13, Apprentice Crafter (Brother)
Bajaran, 6, Hold Child (Brother)
Buragan, 1, Hold Child (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Okalinath
Dragon's Age: 0
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Okalinath abides by the principle that anything worth doing should be done well, not hastily. She can come off as being a serious dragon to begin with, but she’s actually rather jovial in nature. The gentle push her rider needs when a shove is too much for Brinnjura to handle, and always the comfort she sometimes needs afterwards. Naturally curious about the things and people around her, she wants to know what’s going on with everyone and genuinely enjoys listening to other people talk.

Small and dainty with proportions that are as close to perfect as they can get for a dragon her color. Few would guess that this now tiny girl will be the large dragon she’ll one day become, but once fully maturity hits it’ll become an all too obvious thing - and a source of pride for both rider and dragon. Okalinath is a very dark shade of pine green in color with light specks of frosted green along her back, the backs of her wings, ridges, and tail.

Approved: December 2nd 2017
Last updated: April 2nd 2019

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