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Persona Profile: Sanora

Writer: Eimi (ONPC)

Name: Sanora
Age: 55
Birthday: m5 d10
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Sanora has dark russet hair that cascades in small waves past her shoulders. It's typically braided out of her way and only loosed for special occasions. Sanora has startling blue eyes that are shrewd and calculating, and then in a flash, motherly and affectionate. She has a petite, lean frame, even after having children, and her hands are rough from work that she refuses to let anyone else do around her home.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Sanora is naturally feisty and independent. She was always smarter than her brothers, and in her mind, should have been left to do as she pleased, rather than be married off by her father. Sanora can sometimes come across as stoic and hard, but she has a heart to help others, and is affectionate with her children and husband. She wants her voice to be heard and her opinion stated, but she will always back her husband's decision in the end.

History of Persona:
Sanora was born to a pair of relatively successful cotholders, but the couple also had seven sons besides Sanora, so the family inheritance did not include her. From a young age she was promised to a neighboring farm's oldest son, who was already ten Turns her senior. When she was sixteen they wed. It wasn't what Sanora wanted, she had enjoyed harper lessons and would have preferred to continue, but the decision wasn't hers to make.

For some arranged couples, love blossomed somewhere down the road, it was never that way for Sanora and Bartoran. They were roommates at best, and fought like felines and canines at worst. Bartoran wasn't necessarily abusive, but there was no love lost between him and Sanora, and he seemed to always find the women that worked on her father's farm as maids much more enjoyable.

They did have one son, Banoran, before Bartoran was killed in a mishap with a wild runnerbeast he was trying to break. Although it may reflect poorly on Sanora, there was a sense of relief when she became a widow. Now she could make decisions that were best for her and Banoran. She had no plans to marry ever again.

Then she met Capwick. Even though she loved the man, and they found their way into each other's beds often enough, she still had no intention of marrying, until she turned up pregnant. Being a widow with a son from her deceased husband, but pregnant with another from a man she wasn't married to, wasn't exactly the social attention that Sanora needed. So when Capwick offered marriage, she accepted.

Fortunately for Sanora, this marriage was much better than her first. It wasn't easy, by any means, but the partnership and love with Capwick was something that had never existed with Bartoran.

Family and Friends
Capwick, 59, Hallsecond, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Husband)
Banoran, 34, Vintner (Son)
Capran, 26, Glassmith (Son)
Norwick, 23, Hall Resident (Son)
Casana, 21, Hall Resident (Daughter)
Winora, 17, Hall Resident (Daughter)

Approved: November 4th 2017
Last updated: September 2nd 2019

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