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Persona Profile: Z'rac


Name: Z'rac
Age: 49
Birthday: m10 d19
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Archivist

Physical Description of Persona:
Zírac is of medium height with broad shoulders from Turns of dragonriding. His hair is brown and going grey, and his close-cropped beard is speckled with silver. His eyes are brown, he has an aquiline and rather prominent nose, and a nice smile. His skin is tanned permanently dark and he has lines around his eyes and bracketing his mouth from so much time out in the weather.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Zírac has a knack for reading people. He has a good sense of what they might be feeling or wanting, and as a result is good at making people feel comfortable around him. He likes puzzles, philosophy and friendly debates, and for someone interested in law he is pretty good at bending the rules. Although he is social and enjoys getting to know all sorts of people, Zírac is a man with many friends but few close confidants, mostly because heís spent much of the last twenty Turns travelling. He often views relationships as currency: what can he trade his friendship for?

History of Persona:
Zírac was born Zerac near Emerald Falls Hold, the middle child of eight, at the height of the Plague that swept through the Southern Continent. Five of his siblings died and Zerac grew up in a cothold characterized by grief: his parents never forgave themselves for surviving.

Zerac apprenticed to the Harper Hall at the age of twelve and earned his Journeymanís knots at nineteen. His time at the Hall was a happy one: he thrived in his classes, especially in charter law, arbitration and history. He was also engaged to marry one of his mastersí daughters. At twenty, his master invited him to attend a Hatching at Thayan Peak Weyr and no one was more surprised than he was when he Impressed brown Werth from the Stands.

Initially Zírac was resentful and angry at the Weyr for taking him away from his chosen future, including his prospective bride who ended their engagement as soon as she heard that heíd Impressed. After getting through Weyrling classes he quickly realized that there were a lot of opportunities for a Harper with a dragon during an Interval. He began working with the Lady Weyrholder to settle land transfers and disputes between the Weyrhold and the surrounding Holds, maintain the census, and helped to solve and mediate disputes and crimes within the Weyr territory and Lower Caverns. It was at this time that Zírac married a young Hold woman named Byerly in order to get her out of an abusive situation. They remained together for a Turn before dissolving the marriage, and Byerly stayed at the Weyr to enjoy her newfound freedom. Zírac transferred first to River Bluff Weyr, then to Dreamís End Weyr when it opened to relieve overcrowding.

As the gold dragons began to lay larger Clutches and the Weyrsí populations increased, Zírac found himself in a new role: helping to manage relations between the Southern Weyrs that needed more goods to support themselves, and the Holds who saw dragonriders as unnecessary relics from another time. He spent much time going between Weyr and Hold, building relationships and finding ways to coax food and Candidates from the Holdings. When whispers of Thread began to circulate, Zírac retreated to Weyr and Hold Archives across the South to try to discern whether a Pass was a real concern.

Thread did, and the dragonriders rose to meet it. The first Turn of the Pass was hard on all the Weyrs. Although initially Zírac flew in a fighting Wing, Werth was ĎScored eleven months into the Pass and Zírac returned to spending more time in the Archives and supporting the Weyrwoman in building relationships with the Holds.

Two Turns into the Pass, Zírac left Dreamís End Weyr to start documenting the Pass for future generations. He is working to write a book that will document all the Wing formations and knowledge of Thread from across Pern. He spent a Turn touring through the Weyrs in the South before transferring to the North to visit the Weyrs there. He has now returned to the South to work with the Southern Weyrleaders and start compiling what heís learned into manuscripts and songs for future next generations. Who knows how long the next Interval might be?

Dragon's Name: Werth
Dragon's Age: 29
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Werth is a medium sized brown dragon with hide the colour of oiled walnut wood. He was badly ĎScored eleven months into the ĎPass, and while heís back to flying fit the pale scarring on his left wing means that he flies with the draconic equivalent of a limp. He is a curious and social dragon who likes children, canines, and being involved in what his rider is up to. He loves a good green chase, however with his old injury he rarely catches them anymore.

Approved: August 11th 2017
Last updated: September 23rd 2019

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