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Persona Profile: Tarley

Writer: Heather

Name: Tarley
Age: 23
Birthday: m3 d6
Rank: Wingrider, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Tarley has a shock of vibrant red hair, that's thick and curly in nature. She frequently keeps it braided if only to keep the wild mane in check. Dark brown eyes rest beneath arched eyebrows, and above a strong set of cheekbones, giving her a strong appearance that catches attention. Tarley is of average height with a fully developed figure that is sure to lean up with dragonriding.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Tarley has always had a wicked sense of humor, but when her family died at River Bluff and she was transferred to Dragonsfall, she lost a lot of that good humor. She has grown serious since then, and more withdrawn. Tarley has always been a bit bossy, being the eldest of six children, but having suddenly become the only mother her youngest sibling will ever know, apart from a foster mother, has given her a different kind of strength.

History of Persona:
Tarley was born and raised at River Bluff Weyr. Her parents were lower caverns people and she always expected to be as well until she was accepted into the dragonhealer craft. Her parents encouraged her every step of the way, even though there had never been a dragonrider in their family, except for her father's estranged half-brother, they never discouraged her from pursuing dragonhealing. If she had to be an apprentice her entire life, Tarley didn't care, just being around the great beasts was enough to satisfy her.

She had just been promoted to senior apprentice the Turn that the tsunami and earthquake ruined River Bluff. Her mother and father both perished in the earthquake that followed the tsunami, leaving Tarley and her siblings to be taken care of by the Weyr. Being the oldest of six, Tarley felt it her responsibility to make sure her siblings were taken care of, and they all ended up at Dragonsfall together, where a distant uncle was to be their only blood family.

While at Dragonsfall, Tarley Impressed to her green lifemate, Monicath when she was twenty-one.

Family and Friends
T'kev, 39, Wingrider, Cobalt Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Uncle)
Tacharl, 56, Worker (Father (deceased))
Araley, 53, Cook (Mother (deceased))
Acharl, 20, Candidate (Brother)
Tyrael, 18, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Erathena, 16, Candidate (Sister)
Yralei, 14, Apprentice Healer (Sister)
Chartel, 8, Weyrbrat (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Monicath
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m5 d24
Description of Dragon:
Monicath is a large, sage green dragonet. She has a sassy, know-it-all personality, which often takes Tarley by surprise.

Approved: July 22nd 2017
Last updated: March 4th 2019

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