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Persona Profile: R'kehr


Name: R'kehr
Age: 20
Birthday: m8 d19
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
R'kehr stands at 5'7 and looks like a perfect stern professional bronzerider. At least until he starts smiling (which he's usually doing). He has dark brown hair that he keeps cut short on the sides and back, but is long on top. It tends to fall into his face. His eyes are light grey and usually sparkling with mirth.

He started off with a rangy build, but as puberty went on he began filling out to a broader chest and broad shoulders. His skin is peachy and he can still burn if he's not careful even after Turns at a tropical weyr. He has kind of a big nose and a cleft in his chin and is trying to grow facial hair to disguise the latter. Overall he is good-looking enough to draw attention from women and men alike.

Emotional Description of Persona:
R'kehr is best known for being very social and an optimist. He laughs and jokes freely, is an irrepressible flirt, and seems to be friends with everyone. He has leadership potential and likes to act like a big brother to his group of friends. Usually he's encouraging to them, but sometimes he has to play the role of the man who keeps them in line. He likes little kids and deals with them patiently and well.

He's got an adventurous streak dragonlengths wide and is often the first person to volunteer to do something. He can't stand being idle. He's not a stupid man, but he operates very much on instinct rather than thinking. His flaws include that he can be remarkably stubborn at times, and overlook things that he doesn't want to believe.

History of Persona:
Rukehran was born at Vista Point Weyr, the result of a greenflight. His mother followed her usual pattern of keeping the babe so that dragonrider bloodline could be passed on, then dropping it at the creche and going back to duty. None of her children have the same father and Kehrana didn't keep track of them. While he respects his mother, he isn't very close to her. He was always an adventurous and social young weyrbrat and rapidly became the leader of a small group.

When he turned twelve and finished up with Harper lessons, he went to work in the lower caverns. He never had the desire to become a Crafter, or to be a generalist who did a little bit of everything. He hoped to Impress a dragon, like most weyrbred youth, but since he knew it wasn't a guarantee because of how rarely queens rose, he decided to pursue another ambition: becoming a cook. If he didn't Impress, he could always become the Weyr's master chef, right?

Rukehran stood at every rare clutch. Even when clutches became more common and it became known that Thread was returning, he was disappointed every time. His mother wound up taking a transfer to River Bluff Weyr in the fourth Turn of the Pass, and even though they weren't very close, he decided to use that as a chance and ask to go with her. Maybe his dragon would be Hatched elsewhere.

Rukehran had a few more Turns of disappointment. Finally his patience was rewarded when in month 10 of Turn 7, he Impressed to one of Orlaith's dragonets. He enjoyed his weyrlinghood and became very close to several of his clutchmates. Now he's graduated and flying in a Wing and life couldn't be better.

Family and Friends
Kehrana, 49, Rider of green Beralith (mother)
Ehralin, 24, Junior journeyman woodcrafter (half-brother)
Uriana, 16, Junior apprentice weaver (half-sister)
Ehrissa, 13, Lower caverns worker (half-sister)

Dragon's Name: Thadath
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Thadath is on the smaller end for a bronze dragon, though his conformation is perfect. Overall he's more towards the greenish shade of bronze in color, though his wingsails are more golden-green in the light.

Thadath's personality is a good mirror of his rider's. He's a show-off and wants to be first into things. He knows as a bronze he's destined for rank someday and he wants that to be soon. He alternates between being very playful and lazing about sunning himself and flirting with the female dragons. He's just maturing and becoming very interested in chasing greens.

Approved: May 14th 2017
Last updated: January 21st 2019

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