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Persona Profile: Alyxiss

Writer: Spiritwolf

Name: Alyxiss
Age: 27
Birthday: m13 d9
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
They say good things come in small packages, and it seems to perfectly describe Aly. Standing all of 5' tall, she has raven hair which falls in ringlets to her shoulders and a trim figure which she keeps in shape by working hard and never sitting still very long. Her facial features are delicate with high cheekbones,light blue eyes which seem to see through you and full lips that always seem to be smiling. She tends to wear whatever she pulls out, not really noticing if it matches or not. Her Riding leathers are about the only garments she takes any extreme notice in..her pride in her position as a Rider extending to the leathers she wears.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Aly is a friendly person but tends not to go out of her way to meet others. Her friends tend to say she is a bit of a workaholic but she doesn't see it. She was taught to take pride in her work and still feels enjoyment in spending some of her free time helping out the healers in the weyr when she can. She is a loyal friend but her trust is not given lightly.

History of Persona:
Born on a small holding a few days ride from Sapphire Meadows hold, Aly grew up an only child. Her father was a Master Beastcrafter who raised and bred Runners which were held in high demand at the hold and surrounding area which allowed them to live comfortably. Her Mother had difficulties in her pregnancy and was told she could have fatal complications if she was to have more children so Aly was pampered a bit more than was necessary. Having plans to stay with her parents and help out with the runners, her plans changed suddenly when on a trip to the Hold on her 17th birthday, Aly was searched and stood for impression at Dreams End Weyr. After standing twice she finally impressed her Green, Jassyth and found herself a Rider. Now her parents are planning to relocate to a small cothold along the beach near Jade Harbor Hold and she has put in for and been granted a transfer so that she can continue to be close to them.

Family and Friends
Keyliss, 57, Beastcrafter (Father)
Alexendra, 52, Hold Resident (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Jassyth
Dragon's Age: 8
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m5 d19
Description of Dragon:
Jassyth is a small,delicate looking green who matches her rider perfectly. Her slender body makes her appear fragile but she usually surprises her wingmates. Compact muscles hide a strength and stamina not matched by many other greens and she is usually one of the last to return to the weyr after flying fall. She is a soft emerald green over most of her body and shades to a deeper green along her wings, tail and snout.

She knows what she is doing is important but she also enjoys downtime and spends it sunning..she also loves swimming and constantly annoys her rider about going to the beach. She is highly protective of Aly and has been known to bully her rider into taking a break if she feels she has been working too hard. She feels that Aly needs someone to help keep her from being a stick in the mud and she has no problem playing matchmaker if a rider she thinks appropriate catches her eye.

Approved: December 10th 2017
Last updated: December 6th 2017

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