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Persona Profile: Jisalle

Writer: Yvonne

Name: Jisalle
Age: 35
Birthday: m12 d14
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Herbalist

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (July 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Jisalle is of average height and as a rail with a mess of chestnut hair that she wears piled loosely on her head, but would fall half-way down her back if she let it. She has a long, large nose, a wide mouth that smiles often, and brown eyes with pale red eyelashes and eyebrows. Her skin is lightly freckled, and she has laugh lines that crinkle her eyes when she smiles. Although she has a pleasant enough speaking voice, Jisalle is a bit tone-deaf and a terrible singer- and she knows it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jisalle is nothing if not resilient. She appreciates the small things - sunrises, the scent of herbs between her palms, the taste of fresh fruit - and has learned not to dwell on what she cannot change. Quick witted, she has a good sense of humour that veers toward silly. She's sensitive to the moods of the people around her and quick to try to smooth things over when there is tension or anger in the air. Her first priority are her children and ensuring that they have a bright future.

History of Persona:
Jisalle grew up at Amethyst Cliff Hold, the seventh daughter in a family with nine children. She was bright and mischievous, did well at her Harper classes, and was as comfortable riding runners as she was baking bread or darning socks. Her father was a Beastcrafter, her mother a herbalist with a talent for pies.

When she was thirteen, Jisalle was sent to foster with her father's cousin at Garnet Valley Hold. Traveling overland with her father is one of her brightest memories, although she was quite homesick once they arrived and her father left. Never the less, within a Turn Garnet Valley was as much home as Amethyst Cliff had been. She took a position in the kitchens but soon moved on to the kitchen gardens, where she was much happier. The winters she spent back in the kitchens brewing cosmetics and cures, and making her mother's famous pies.

When she was eighteen Jisalle caught the eye of a young guardsman named Michan, and they were married within the Turn. Jisalle and Michan were very much in love and had two children together: Majan and Rinne (who was named after Michan's grandmother, who passed away shortly before Rinne was born). This was a very happy time in Jisalle's life.

When Majan was five and Rinne was barely walking, Michan was badly injured when he fell from a runner and broke his arm and several ribs. Although the healers did the best they could, Michan died of a fever. Jisalle took to her bed for two months, too heartbroken to care for herself, let alone care for her children. The Hold stepped in and kindly fostered them with other parents while Jisalle put herself back together again.

But Garnet Valley held too many memories. Nearly a Turn to the day that Michan died, Jisalle packed up her children and traveled overland to go live with her favourite sister's family in Amber Hills Hold. She has found a new life for herself as a herbalist and gardener in the kitchen gardens, and as a kitchen worker when it's too cold for gardening. She makes amazing pies.

Family and Friends
Majan, 14, Hold Brat (Son)
Rinne, 11, Hold Brat (Daughter)
Neciada, 32, Drudge (Sister)
Paron, 38, Stablehand (Brother-in-law)
Narode, 15, Hold brat (Niece)
Roncin, 13, Hold brat (Nephew)
Garrol, 9, Hold brat (Nephew)

Approved: March 26th 2016
Last updated: March 26th 2016

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