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Hidden Meadows

Minor Holder: Demir
Holder's Wife: Rethisa
Steward-MH: OPEN
Headwoman-MH: OPEN


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Demir went to Amber Hills at Turn over and married Rethisa but much to his chagrin realized on their wedding night that she was pregnant. There was no possibility the child could be his. He reacted by going out and getting drunk leaving her alone on their wedding night.

Now however, he is treating her as his treasure in public and ignoring her in private.

How is this going to turn out for the pair and will his family find out?

Written by Suzee as L2 on October 29th 2015


Established by a younger son of the Amber Hills Lord Holder about three hundred years into the interval. The fertile fields of the well watered hills provide the hold and its patron large quanties of crops. Starting as a small farming cothold it grew rapidly and recruited both farmers and farmcrafters to open up new fields and beast breeding. Many generations of Holders have sent their sons to learn their crafts and bring them back to the Hold. the most recent Holder had several sons and when Kodelo lay on his deathbed he named his second son Demir as his heir. There were conditions though and the new holder must marry within a turn to retain his position.


Hidden Meadows is in Amber Hills Hold territory. It is about a day and a half’s ride from the main Hold, located to the Southwest. Though the ride can be done in a single day on fast runners, slower carts and wagons could take up to three.

The climate is similar to that of the main Hold.

Building Information

The hold is comprised of one large building and many smaller buildings surrounding a central gather square. Many smaller cotholds surround the main building. There fields for farming, pastures for animals, and a rather large Tannercraft building set away from the main buildings.

Technology Level

With a stream and small nearby lake, the fields at Hidden Meadows are well irrigated with an interlocking system that allows them to send water into any field on demand. This along with a generally high technician population give most of the hold access to running water and electricity.

Female Policy

Hidden Meadows adheres to the Southern ban on female crafters. The hold does not allow its women to apprentice, it does not accept female crafters who were trained elsewhere, and it also prohibits women who earned craft knots elsewhere from wearing them while in hold territory. Women are expected to fulfil the proper role of marrying and have children, and divorces are almost never granted. Like its parent hold, it is reluctant to give its women up to Search or fostering, unless the fostered girl is replaced by another.

Population and Plague Effects

Bit farther away in the fields surrounding it. The plague’s effects were felt here the same as everywhere on the Southern Continent. Recovery has been slow but sure and population levels have risen over the last generation.


Hidden Meadows is an almost perfect place for farming. The soil is rich and the climate cooperative for several different crops in abundance. Major crops include wheat and barley. There are also orchards and vineyards. The hold also raises livestock and has been working n developing its own herd of runnerbeasts to equal those of the main hold.

Transportation Information

The streams around the hold are not navigable and therefore any produce has to be sent via caravan to Amber Hills Hold for shipment elsewhere. Runners are common as are draft animals.

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