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V'con's Stories (1 - 24, most recent first)

Seeing the Sketch
A'vel looks at V'con's mother's sketch
Writers: Avery, Emma
Characters: A'vel, V'con

Maybe You Find...
A'vel goes to V'con for clothes and discovers a mystery
Writers: Avery, Emma
Characters: A'vel, V'con

Handsome New Dragons
Nalarith rises shortly after A'dryn arrives at Dolphin Cove.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Miriah, Paula
Characters: A'dryn, R'kehr, L'pin, G'ran, Sh'dori, V'con, J'ackt, R'enh

Second Time Is Better
It's Ciendra's second Mating Flight and more enjoyable than her first.
Writers: Emma, Paula
Characters: Ciendra, V'con

The Green Arrow
Ashareth rises.
Writers: Devin, Chelle, Emma, Heather, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Saidrene, R'enh, N'vanik, V'con, N'mor, Sh'dori, E'rae, J'ackt, L'cor

Not Scary At All
R'taran gets a bit of a surprise when he socializes with some of the other riders.
Writers: Anika, Emma
Characters: V'con, R'taran, B'kar, E'lok

Only the Best
Shalith rises and chooses the best of her chasers
Writers: Devin, Emma, Jelena, Mirren, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cosani, R'enh, I'lan, V'con, N'mor, E'ron, T'jar

Enemies Will be Friends
V'con runs into Ch'din after they've agreed not to try and kill one another
Writers: Emma, Len
Characters: V'con, Ch'din

Get Over Yourself
For the third time running, V'con has to wake up next to Ch'din after their dragons have yet another winning Flight
Writers: Emma, Len
Characters: V'con, Ch'din

New Looks
E'ril visits V'con for a new tunic
Writers: Emma, Heather K
Characters: V'con, E'ril

When Porcines Fly
Ch'din catches sight of V'con in women's clothing and takes the opportunity to make fun of the rider who keeps catching his green in Flight
Writers: Emma, Len
Characters: V'con, Ch'din

A Fine Line Between Hate and Lust PG-17
V'con's blue catches arch enemy Ch'din's green for the second time running, and the boys have to deal with the aftereffects
Writers: Emma, Len
Characters: V'con, Ch'din

Only A Flight
V'con's blue catches the green of someone he can't stand
Writers: Emma, Len
Characters: V'con, Ch'din

Here we go again!
Aishara's green rises and chooses a new mate.
Writers: Eimi, Emma, Paula
Characters: Aishara, Sh'dori, D'cal, V'con

DCW: An Interesting Mix of Conversation
Xara and V'con discuss pies, Impression and tunics.
Writers: Emma, Kaysea
Characters: V'con, Xara

Let's Not Be One of Those
The two weyrlings talk about their dragons and their upcoming Blooding.
Writers: Dana, Emma
Characters: R'alt, V'con

Those That Know
V'con ask some questions.
Writers: Cali, Emma
Characters: G'len, V'con

V'con wakes up in N'kalen's bed after a most interesting night.
Writers: Emma, HeatherH
Characters: V'con, N'kalen

V'con & N'kalen have a chat over a meal...and go for dessert.
Writers: Emma, HeatherH
Characters: V'con, N'kalen

Who _Doesn't_ Like A Dragonrider?
R'alt and V'con discuss mating flights and their plans for the evening
Writers: Emma, Dana
Characters: V'con, R'alt

Spiced Wherry - Ugh!
R'mer and V'con chat while they throw firestone sacks
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: R'mer, V'con

Could You Help Me?
Cortana goes to V'con for advice on buying a dress, but ends up getting help in sewing.
Writers: Emma, Patrick
Characters: Cortana, V'con

Our job, right?
F'lian and V'con discuss their impressions
Writers: Emma, Rebecca
Characters: F'lian, V'con

Reymer is rather confused by Favercon
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: R'mer, V'con

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