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Stories set at Dolphin Cove Weyr (1 - 25, most recent first)

Eyes Meet (3/3)
Arrilon and Chalzie talk on the beach.
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Chalzie

Eyes Meet (1/3)
Arrilon and Chalzie at a party in the Weyrbowl.
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Chalzie

Eyes Meet (2/3)
Arrilon and Chalzie speak for the first time.
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Chalzie

Lost and Found
Saran meets Dorana while lost in the Weyr.
Writers: AmajoS, Phoenix
Characters: Dorana, Saran

Corowal and the Weyrleaders question Grevan.
Writers: Devin, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Corowal, N'vanik, Grevan

Moving On, Moving In
Alina moves into J'ackt's weyr
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, J'ackt

Still not used to it
Ciendra and M'ked get acquainted after her Mating Flight.
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Ciendra, M'ked

Something to Do While Recuperating
J'ackt receives a visit from his new friend while in the infirmary
Writers: Ames, Miriah
Characters: T'nom, J'ackt

You'll Find a Place Here
Aviday checks on the new arrival and the two chat about what life in the Weyr is really like
Writers: Ames, Miriah
Characters: Aviday, Relkeyi

Catching Up
T'nom and Arrilon catch up on what has transpired since their days as candidates together
Writers: Ames, Francesca
Characters: T'nom, Arrilon

Sweet or Sour
Gienah and Tirraze chat about Candidate life while doing Candidate chores.
Writers: Aaron, Estelle
Characters: Gienah, Tirraze

Sticky Mercies
Timassa distracts D'hol from working in the best way
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: D'hol, Timassa

Wise Old Men
Two candidates chat about becoming Weyrlings
Writers: Aaron, Dani
Characters: Ristaliys, Tener

Can't Bring the Lake to the Sands
A candidate meets the Weyrwoman. . .and a big gold dragon
Writers: Dani, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Ristaliys

A Visit Leads to Standing
Unexpected run-in leads to becoming a Candidate
Writers: Ang, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Ernola

Meeting with the Headwoman
Checking in with the Headwoman for cot and chore assignments
Writers: Ang, Heather
Characters: Ernola, Ranni, Chaysea

This is what you want?
After Threadfall discussion between siblings
Writers: Ang
Characters: Ernola, Z'hren

Time for eggs
Another clutch for the Weyrleaders
Writers: Devin, Suzee
Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis, Y'gel

A Precious Gift
T'kala gives Aviday a present
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: T'kala, Aviday, Tisafelle

Friendship is More Important
Urlene shares her news with Chaysea and the pair discuss other matters as well.
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: Urlene, Chaysea

Giving an Ultimatum
N'vanik takes J'ackt to speak to Jerinne
Writers: Devin, Miriah
Characters: N'vanik, J'ackt, Jerinne

New Directions
Arrilon and Tahlie talk about the changes to their lives since they were Candidates.
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Tahlie

Scorched Earth, Deep Roots
Alina packs up her weyr to move in with J'ackt, and tries to move on
Writers: Yvonne
Characters: Alina

J'ackt tells Saidrene about he and Alina, but it doesn't go as planned
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: J'ackt, Saidrene

What Happens Now?
J'ackt and Alina figure out what a ring means
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: J'ackt, Alina

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