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Stories set at Dolphin Cove Weyr (1 - 25, most recent first)

Stuck in Place
Urlene gets help when a little stuck.
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Urlene, Y'gel

Speedy Delivery
Urlene receives a message from Brennault
Writers: Aaron, Miriah
Characters: Brennault, Urlene

If You Had to Choose
R'fal tells Y'gel where he went at Turn's End
Writers: Estelle, Suzee
Characters: R'fal, Y'gel

Trying to do the Right Thing
R'fal confesses to the Weyrleader.
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Suzee
Characters: R'fal, N'vanik, Y'gel

Goodbye for Now
T'kala says his goodbyes to Aviday
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: Aviday, T'kala

The Opening Chord
Alina meets Aviday and they talk about music
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, Aviday

I Want to Fight!
Aviday vents about her status to T'ner.
Writers: Aaron, Miriah
Characters: Aviday, T'ner

A Personal Invitation
K'lvin tells Riveenata about D'hol's invitation and invites her to Barrier Lake.... although he might not receive the answer he had hoped for.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: K'lvin, Riveenata

Hopeful Letters
The pair exchange letters about the arrival of Riveenata's niece.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: K'lvin, Riveenata

Welcome Tour
R'fal shows Rasme around the dragon infirmary.
Writers: Estelle, Heather
Characters: R'fal, Rasme

Would You Go Back?
C'rin and Riveenata go egg shopping, and have a deep conversation about moving, after.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: C'rin, Riveenata

It's the Little Things
N'vanik has dinner with his daughter and her family
Writers: Devin, Suzee
Characters: Y'gel, N'vanik, Briata, Nisheyl

Family By Choice
A'vel's green Tsogath rises and as usual, Iorath wants to catch.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: A'vel, R'nar, Ranni

Returning Home
R'nar helps Ranni and the baby move into her weyr.
Writers: Heather
Characters: R'nar, Ranni

Returning Home
Rasme checks in with Weyrwoman Cyradis after her arrival.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Rasme

A Dragonman's Word
Urlene gives L'keri a checkup to find out if he's ready to return to Dragonsfall Weyr
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Urlene, L'keri

Preventative Measures
N'vanik warns R'fal not to do anything stupid.
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: N'vanik, R'fal

Second Breakfast
C'ris surprises Rasme for her birthingday.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Rasme, C'ris

Been Waiting So Long PG-17
T'lin remembers how he and V'rel celebrated graduation to senior
Writers: Devin
Characters: T'lin, V'rel

She Wouldn't Want Us to Be Unhappy (1/2)
As Nalarith rises, A'dryn is reminded of another flight.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'dryn, A'kades

She Wouldn't Want Us to Be Unhappy (2/2)
As Nalarith rises, A'dryn is reminded of another flight.
Writers: Avery, Devin
Characters: A'dryn, A'kades

A Petal in the Wind (4/4)
Ranni wakes, finally, to find a waiting R'nar.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Ranni, R'nar

Deep Chairs are a Problem
Urlene talks to N'vanik and finds she needs his help
Writers: Devin, Miriah
Characters: N'vanik, Urlene

A New Friend
Ayressa makes a friend in her Candidate class
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: Tirraze, Ayressa

Sharing the News
Ayressa shares the exciting news with T'ner, and they make some decisions regarding the details of their relationship.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: T'ner, Ayressa

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