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Triad Weyrs - Stories (1 - 25, earliest first)

Have You Heard?
Lindria asks Vivvi to support her in persuading Lord Alalir to send guards to Emerald Falls
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Vivvi, Lindria

Have You Heard?
Jasslara, Lindria and Parwen welcome Enlira to Amethyst Cliff Hold
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Nici, Paula
Characters: Lindria, Enlira, Jasslara, Parwen

Flits, Good or Bad?
Z'al and C'lor have a talk about flits
Writers: April, Roxanne
Characters: Z'al, C'lor

Gathering gifts
I'lan gets a bit more than he bargained for when he stops at a market to buy a gift for Allexa
Writers: Emma
Characters: I'lan, Riasaza

The Secret to Happiness
The Secret to Happiness
Writers: Bree, Gino Holland
Characters: V'kor, U'val, Abrei, Tiya

Stop Talking, Start Teaching
Yanrik and Sarian get a little drunk and a lot friendly.
Writers: Bree, Nici
Characters: Sarian, Yanrik

A Poetic Bluerider
A'zer finds out why R'yal has been avoiding him
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: R'yal, A'zer

ACH: Empty Cradles (Prologue): Hope in the Plan
Kirine and Kirbali prepare a plan that will change their lives forever.
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Kirine, Kirbali

ACH: Empty Cradles (1): Where Are They?
Anaia, Lindria and Alajeran return to the Hold after the party at the Vintner Hall, and Anaia's daughters are discovered to be missing.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Anaia, Lindria, Alajeran

ACH: Empty Cradles (2): My Babies
Alajeran summons Dabryn to start the search for the missing babies, while Lindria looks after Anaia.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alajeran, Dabryn, Lindria, Anaia

ACH: Empty Cradles (4): A Good Plan
Kirine and Kirbali escape from Amethyst Cliff with Anaia and Enrizial's children.
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Kirine, Kirbali

ACH: Empty Cradles (5): No News
Anaia wakes and Enriline tells her the babies have still not been found.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Anaia, Enriline

ACH: Empty Cradles (6): Where Are My Daughters?
Alalir, Aswic and Alajeran continue to organise the search for the babies, and are interrupted by Enrizial.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alalir, Alajeran, Enrizial, Jeralir, Aswic

ACH: Empty Cradles (7): She Deserves Better
Enriline arrives with Anaia and chastises Enrizial for insulting Alalir and Alajeran, suggesting that he instead comfort his wife.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alajeran, Enrizial, Alalir, Enriline, Anaia

ACH: Empty Cradles (8): Innocents
Enrizial and Anaia try to comfort one another after the kidnapping of their children
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Enrizial, Anaia

ACH: Empty Cradles (9): Sort Of
Alajeran gives Lindria news of the search, and confesses to punching Enrizial
Writers: Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alajeran, Lindria

ACH: Empty Cradles (10): A Little More Disobedience
Enriline sends an apology for criticising Enrizial to Alalir, and he tells her there was no need.
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Enriline, Alalir

ACH: Empty Cradles (11): Stick to the Plan
Kirbali and Kirine are stopped along the road.
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Kirbali, Kirine

A Turn for the Better PG-17
Fielton discovers how nice it is to have a wife who actually likes him.
Writers: Bree, Nici
Characters: Badia, Fielton

Drastic Change in Character
Fielton and Badia are married by Valand at the Vinter Hall, with Enriline, Alalir, Alajeran and Lindria in attendance.
Writers: Bree, Estelle, Nici
Characters: Fielton, Badia, Alalir, Alajeran, Valand, Lindria, Enriline, Tyrome

Are You Ready? PG-17
Dysali goes to see I'lan, and asks a favor.
Writers: Clancey, Emma
Characters: Dysali, I'lan

Fine Fabrics
Lymria and Cinale bump to each other at the weaver's stall.
Writers: Dana, Paula
Characters: Lymria, Cinale

A Special Treat
Daigoro return's Cinale's cookie tray and gives her his happy news.
Writers: Dana, Eimi
Characters: Cinale, Daigoro

Blatant Advantages
Cinale gets a visit from Daigoro and ends up regretting giving the Master Brewer advice...
Writers: Dana, Eimi
Characters: Daigoro, Cinale

Don't Tempt Yourself
Jio and Cinale discuss his relationship with Miryene.
Writers: Dana, Eimi
Characters: Jio, Cinale

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