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Yvonne's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

A Pleasant Surprise
Kamalia and H'run have some post-flight fun
Writers: Francesca, Yvonne
Characters: Kamalia, H'run

People Can Change
Alina visits Alyena and Evalya after the events of the Hatching
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, Alyena, Evalya

Entrance to the Dreaded Weyr
Alyena and her Daughter are checked out at the Weyr's infirmary
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alyena, Urlene, Alina

A Little Tweaking (Ashela's Party 2/3)
L'keri, Harki and Ma'din plan to drop in on a party
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: L'keri, Harki, Ma'din

An Elegant Occasion (Ashela's Party 1/3)
The guests begin to arrive for Ashela's exclusive party
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Suzee, Yvonne
Characters: Ashela, R'enh, H'run, K'mai

An Impromptu Lesson
K'aur gets an impromptu lesson-- although he doesn't like it much
Writers: Curious, Yvonne
Characters: K'aur, H'run

Uninvited Guests (Ashela's Party 3/3)
Ashela's party is interrupted by some uninvited guests
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Miriah, Suzee, Yvonne
Characters: Ashela, Ma'din, Harki, K'mai, L'keri, H'run, R'enh

J'ackt and Alina struggles with the thought of children
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: J'ackt, Alina

Don't Listen
R'hil does his best to comfort Orifa
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Orifa, R'hil

Uncertain Weyr Arrival
Alyena comes to the Weyr after the Torching
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, J'ackt, Alyena, N'vanik, Evalya

Offering a New Life
N'vanik visits the Weyrs newest resident.
Writers: Devin, Yvonne
Characters: N'vanik

A Long, Unpleasant Night
Reyela is rushed to the Infirmary after being bitten by a tunnelsnake
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Reyela, Urlene

So... Weyrbred
Alina complains to J'ackt about her new Wingmate, Iskara
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: J'ackt, Alina

After the Torching
Alina and J'ackt check on R'ayl's family
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, J'ackt, Alyena, Evalya

Misery Hates Company
L'keri tries to cheer up a despondent H'run
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: L'keri, H'run

Bloodlines and Stuff
Gineah gives R'hil a dare at the Hatching Feast
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Gienah, R'hil, Ashela

The Lighthouse Keeper
N'vanik and M'gan investigate the lighthouse with Journeywoman Onook.
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: M'gan, N'vanik, Onook

The Nice Type
M'gan asks Alina to look after a new wingmate
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: M'gan, Alina

The 'L' Word
K'mai and H'run have different ideas of what their relationship should be
Writers: Devin, Yvonne
Characters: K'mai, H'run

A Sky Full of Numbers
Alina and T'lin talk about math and crafting, and possibly strike up a friendship.
Writers: Devin, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, T'lin

I Got You
Reyala helps out a confused Furayl in Candidate class
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: R'ayl, Reyela

Rumor Retaliation
Enali ensures that Alina overhears something that she shouldn't, and Alina retaliates in her own way
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, Enali, Wirrame, Namila

Partay and Harki's
Writers: Yvonne, Miriah, Estelle
Characters: Rorela, Harki, H'run, L'keri, Ma'din

A Problem with Up
Olov and Lusilk are interrupted while sparring
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Olov, Lusilk, Jothi

Absolutley Delightful
H'run congratulates Ashela on her Hatching
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Ashela, H'run

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