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Stories set at Sunstone Seahold (m12 d1 - m12 d28)

Month 12, Day 1

Justice and Future Considered
Yriadha reflects on what’s happened while she waits
Writers: Miriah
Characters: Yriadha

Month 12, Day 15

They're Coming For You
The Hold begins to be inundated with potential brides for the Lord Holder, much to Yriadha's amusement
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Bryvin, Yriadha

Month 12, Day 20

A Little Cushion Now and Then
Bryvin speaks with his cousin
Writers: Aaron, Suzee
Characters: Bryvin, Wirnan

Month 12, Day 24

Of Memories
Bryvin remembers past relationships
Writers: Suzee
Characters: Bryvin

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