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Triad Weyrs - Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

Fleet Duty
Thayde has to leave for fleet duty, only the companion on his trip is an unexpected one.
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: Thayde, Enamra, Jalodwyn

A Star and a Running Man
R'fal searches for the mine where his father is imprisoned
Writers: Estelle
Characters: R'fal

Withdrawal Begins
L'keri starts to feel the withdrawal from spirits and Urlene assists
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: L'keri, Urlene

The Limits of Love
T'ner attempts a bit of open communication with Ayressa.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: Ayressa, T'ner

Boobs and Ick
Aviday makes a delightful discovery and makes Ranni a bit sick
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: Ranni, Aviday

A Bad Joke
T'ner plays a bad joke on F'aen after the latter pulled one over on him with T'kala.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: F'aen, T'ner

A Home Away From Home
K'don accompanies R'fal on a visit to his family
Writers: Aaron, Estelle
Characters: R'fal, K'don

A Home Away From Home pt 2
K'don gets to meet the beasts at R'fal's uncle's farm
Writers: Aaron, Estelle
Characters: R'fal, K'don

Contradicting Rumors
Lorican and Urlene attend a farewell dinner.
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Lorican, Urlene, Wilvar

Handle the Emotions
Urlene gets some much needed advice from Y'gel
Writers: Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Y'gel, Urlene

Prima Nocta
Lorican and Urlene spend their first night together.
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Lorican, Urlene

The Farewell
Lorican and Urlene say their farewells
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Lorican, Urlene

The Trial
The trial of Grevan begins
Writers: Aaron, Devin, Eimi, Estelle, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: N'vanik, Vestian, Corowal, Cyradis, J'ackt, Trennemar, Jerinne, Afalna, Grevan, Alyena

Visiting Encouragement
Lanniya visits F'lin at DCW and provides encouragement
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: F'lin, Lanniya

Don't Do It
R'fal accidentally reveals a plan when talking to J'ackt
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: J'ackt, R'fal

Let Him Come Home
Alyena pleads with the Weyrleaders for mercy for Grevan
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik, Alyena

First-Hand Experience
T'ner argues with an imaginary version of his wife-slash-weyrmate, and F'aen pulls one over on him via T'kala.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: T'kala, T'ner

Baby Steps
T'ner asks for some relationship advice from his favorite that is, the weyrling staffer closest to his age.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: T'ner, F'aen

Hot Sands in a Hot Flight
Quinneth's flight
Writers: Aaron, Avery, Heather, Len
Characters: Jeyme, R'nar, V'rel, A'kades, S'kand, Sh'del

Stealing Moments
T'ner and Ayressa try to spend some time together, but things have become stilted ever since T'ner's impression.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: T'ner, Ayressa, Resser

Bedroom Habits
Alina and J'ackt discuss their bedroom habits... sort of.
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, J'ackt

Make-Up Dinner
K'don tries to make up to Ranni for missing the family dinner... Things don't go as planned.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: K'don, Ranni

It's Not Fair
Elana receives a letter from her mother informing her of Alina's weyrmating
Writers: Yvonne
Characters: Elana

Off Balance
G'ran teaches Lorican some self-defence
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Lorican, G'ran

The Morning After
L'keri wakes up to find himself in the infirmary
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: L'keri, Urlene, Cyradis, D'ale

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