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Reports for Emerald Falls Hold

December 7th 2019

The Great Bandit Trial was held in Emerald Falls Hold. The bandits were sentanced to ten Turns in prison mines, while Cotholder Terren got six months for aiding them. Terren appleaded to his brownrider son R'fal to bust him out of the prison mines.

Lord Corowal also had to decide the fate of their Cothold. With a help of a harper Tasni, Lirena had come up a plan that was acceptable to Lord Corowal. Corowal also ensured the family's loyalty by taking their daughter as a fosterling, The girl herself wasn't all too happy about it, having to leave her family and to learn to live life so different, Corowal's children however, seemed to welcome in Telany without hesitation. Poor Erassa gets more work tho.

Alyena, mother of the boy who attempted to murder a dragonrider, received a mysterious offer for help. Looks like there are forces working against Corowal in secret.

Journeyman Mason Mealden has transferred to work at the Barrier Lake Weyrhold. He's not only one. Headwoman Jayzine also accepted the position of Headwoman of Barrier Lake.

Elena received a letter that got her upset, her twinsister, greenrider Alina, has weyrmated. And she's yet to find a suitable suitor.

K'don and R'fal visited the later's family at Emerald Falls Hold.

Harper Ueltin has been seen in Tavern, keeping company for guards and getting them drunk for information.

Written by Paula as L1

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