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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

January 14th 2021

When J'ackt asks N'vanik if he can have surgery, the Weyrleader also tells him he needs to wait a Turn and asks J'ackt to see a mindhealer. Cosani sympathizes with J'ackt about not wanting children. Alina is disgusted when she finds out what Cyradis is demanding of J'ackt.

Loseth catches Panitath again, and the Weyrleaders chat about N'vanik's leadership and their partnership. They've come a long way from their early distrust and tension.

A drudge comes to Cyradis with news that she's pregnant with J'ackt's child. The Weyrwoman explains that J'ackt must never know. Another drudge, Enali, is also carrying his child, though she's not happy about it. To her the baby is merely a tool.

Speaking of babies, Cyradis finds out she's pregnant. Urlene warns her the pregnancy is risky and puts her under restrictions.

When J'ackt leads a six during Threadfall, he loses his temper with a wingrider who causes an accident. R'fal and a few other riders rub J'ackt the wrong way when they discuss "holdless scum".

Aviday gets some positive bedroom experience with L'cor. R'fal and Aviday go to his weyr for some "practice" but Terren interrupts them. When R'fal later finds his father in bed with Daturna, he finally reaches his limit and throws Terren out of his weyr for good.

Daturna repeatedly tries and fails to get N'vanik into bed. She can't catch a break!

A'kades and N'vanik discuss Wing business and M'gan's promotion.

M'gan interviews Irrkali for the open Wingthird position. When M'gan catches up with his old friend Kehrana, he finds out that R'kehr is his son.

Alina realizes there's something fishy with the starsmith at the lighthouse. She talks it over with J'ackt.

Brennault asks for training and J'ackt agrees if the runner gives him a good quality sword.

Urlene seems to be settling into family life with Briata and Y'gel. She also has a pleasant, friendly dinner with the Weyrleader.

N'vanik's shady contact arrives with news there's a plot brewing against the Weyr. He brings the information to Cyradis, though he fakes the source of the information. J'ackt comes to them with information of his own - holder Alyena warned him to stay away from the Hatching. What are the disgruntled holders planning?

Written by Devin as L1

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