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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

November 9th 2021

A shocking near-tragedy at the Hatching!

Enali enacts the holders' plans by poisoning the meat meant for the hatchlings with fellis. Master Urlene's firelizard Stitch steals a bit for himself, and sadly doesn't make it. But his death alerts others that something is wrong . . . though not before the first hatchling takes a bite! Through the fast actions of Weyrdragonhealer Y'gel, R'fal, and Aviday, little Delorth is saved.

The shocking news creates pandemonium at the Hatching, scaring and confusing Candidates and dragonets alike, but all of them safely Impress.

Larsaz doesn't expect to Impress at all, but green Faelath has other ideas. Echovath is the very last hatchling to choose, and surprises Irradis by bumping into him to get his attention.

Enali tries to slip away, but K'don pursues her and calls in K'sedel to detain her. The Weyrleader questions Enali and she offers to give names if she can talk to J'ackt. She tells him about all his children, including the one she's pregnant with in an attempt to hurt him. She thinks the baby will save her. She does give names though. . . R'fal's father Terren, and the newly Impressed R'ayl.

N'vanik goes to speak to R'ayl, who is recovering with Delorth in the dragon infirmary. The boy denies being involved in the plot, though he admits to knowing Enali and reveals that he's Grevan's brother.

The Candidates were busy prior to the Hatching. Reyela notices Furayl struggling in Candidate class and offers to help him. Furayl does laundry duty with Irradis and learns more about dragonriders. While getting snacks for Cyradis, K'deren runs into Naradis and he invites her up for a visit. Naradis gets angry with Tirraze, who isn't fully dedicated to Impressing. Irradis meets with R'lor, who he knew at Rising Moons, and they catch up. Tirraze and Irradis chat while cleaning up after some fellow Candidates. Irradis also does chores with Larsaz, who is a much less helpful partner.

There have been both meetings and partings at Dolphin Cove lately. Arrilon and Chalzie spend one last night together before he leaves for the Harper Hall. T'lin comes across Alina doing a bit of math and they strike up a conversation about crafting. Aviday is sad to learn that her friend T'ner is moving to Barrier Lake, but they promise to keep in touch.

Irrkali and M'gan meet for dinner to discuss work, and end up exploring something else. When Jeath next rises, Isarth catches her, and both riders are very pleased with the outcome.

M'gan and R'kehr run across each other again, and M'gan gives the young bronzerider some advice.

Brennault continues his quest, and T'lin and V'rel help point him toward the cloth he needs, as well as invite him to their weyr for a bit of fun.

While Alina does a bit of spy work in the kitchens, Enali makes sure she overhears that J'ackt has fathered a number of children. . . including the one Enali herself is carrying.

Lorican comes to visit his son and gets relationship advice from Urlene.

M'gan comes to N'vanik with suspicions about a lighthouse keeper on Alina's sweep route and the Weyrleader decides to go there personally to clear things up.

They bring Journeywoman Onook, who can confirm the old Master's identity. The man who has been living at the lighthouse is not Rehaan, and the three of them have many questions for this stranger. He admits to being holdless, an escaped criminal, and claims Rehaan took him in. He also claims Rehaan died of a fall, and swears he had no ill intent toward the old man. Pending an investigation, N'vanik offers the stranger a place at the Weyr.

Written by Devin as L1

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