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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

October 15th 2020

R'fal talks to Y'gel about his trip to the prison mine and the Weyrdragonhealer convinces R'fal to tell the Weyrleader. N'vanik is none too pleased and confines the young brownrider to the Weyr and gives him extra duties.

Brennault delivers a message to Urlene and their firelizards get into trouble while their people are busy. Urlene's pregnancy causes her to get stuck in the bath, and Y'gel gives her a hand. When Urlene gives birth, Y'gel is also there to help along with Briata. When caring for her baby alone exhausts her, Urlene goes to Briata for help. It seems the independent Weyrhealer might be realizing it's nice to have some support.

N'vanik finds a replacement for D'hol, promoting M'gan to Wingleader. M'gan meets with K'deren and lets him know he'll be staying on as Wingsecond. Later M'gan talks with Z'ku and encourages the young bronzerider's ambitions.

A mysterious woman visits N'vanik, seeking payment for the job she completed. A certain accident at the prison mines was no accident at all. N'vanik calls J'ackt into his office to give him the news directly. They discuss how to help Grevan's family as they both feel responsible for the wellbeing of his mother and siblings.

When a dragon is injured, Alina is asked to fill in for the pair, collecting weather reports. First she stops at a weather station with an enthusiastic Master. Later she delivers supplies to a lighthouse and has an awkward conversation with a shabby looking man. When she returns, he's cleaned up and much more amiable. What could be going on there?

N'vanik pulls Terren aside shortly after the former prisoner arrives at Dolphin Cove. He offers Terren a chance at a new life, though privately he doesn't quite trust the man. J'ackt also doesn't trust him, although the young bronzerider is much more overt about it, threatening Terren.

Written by Devin as L1

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