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Reports for Barrier Lake Weyrhold

September 26th 2020

Barrier Lake Weyrhold finally has a Weyrwoman and the flight brought horror, joy, and a completely new leadership. Ashela and her Aglayath tried to interrupt the flight and claim the new Weyrhold for their own but the timely interference of K'ran and Rogueth prevented the tragedy of the loss of a gold... or two.

Ultimately it was Yumath won Riyanth's flight which made Kapera Weyrwoman and D'hol her Weyrleader. Kapera has proven her restored leadership was the right choice this time and she has promised herself not to make the mistakes of her past.

Of course there is still ongoing construction as the site continues to grow. The crafters village gained new skills with the arrival of Lorican. While in the lower caverns, which are really mostly outbuildings at this Weyrhold, we continue to see new arrivals as well.

Ashela and her gold are transferred to Dragonsfall where it is hoped that Saibra can be a steading influence. While K'ran has become Weyrsecond in support of D'hol.

Come and enjoy the beauty of the lake country that is Barrier Lake Weyrhold!

Written by Suzee as Other

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