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Reports for River Bluff Weyr

December 31st 2006

First off, rumour has it that Master Healer Abrei has become more than friendly with several men. Blueriders, brownriders and Bronzeriders. The rumours have even reached the ears of the Headwoman, who was surprised to hear that Wingleader U'das was the subject of one of them.

New candidates have begun to arrive with Tabarnith's eggs hardening on the sands. One of the new arrivals, Belamick, was relieved to see an old friend there (Ioporol). He's also met Honalyse and Tey.

U'val remains sick, Gaiya visited him along with T'voal, who comforted her when she got upset. The problem is, what will Shayla do if she finds out just how comfortable they were.

Lastly, the Weyr welcomes the news that Greenrider Ciara safely gave birth to a daughter on Turn's beginning. K'sedel and Ciara have named her Radela.

Written by Emma as L1

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